Hiya, I’m Avenue!

I’ve moved around a lot in my life but it is in Pennsylvania where I met the awesome people that led me to be apart of real women avenueICONof gaming. Currently, I am away from these lovelies because I am in New England getting my master’s degree to be a school librarian. Silly school has made things a bit more difficult so I’m not nearly as visible as I once was but you can see me every month playing my awesome tie fling character, Temerity, during our League of Shaded Tranquility streams. Which has been extra nice because I still get to feel connected even though everyone is so far away. TuT Along with playing games with the ladies and laddies of RWOG I do art for the group including stream overlays and the occasional article illustration.

Aside from school and RWOG I spend my days climbing the ladder on hearthstone and spreading the good word of Star Trek. Also, you might see me crawling the web under the name ColdShoulderAve or TeamKydr. 

Where else to find me:

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