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Hey people! I’m Azkadelya (Kira), an avid gamer who likes to write, code, and binge watch movies and TV.  My first console was an original Nintendo; I even still own one! I love old school Mario, but I have to say.. it’s harder now than when I was a kid. I love to play survival games – Ark, Scum, Eco, Don’t Starve, and others. I’m also a long-time World of Warcraft player.

I go to school for Health Information Technology right now, so that takes up most of my time. Someday I hope to be a streamer, if I ever get better internet. Until then I’ll spend my time hanging out with everyone here while they stream!

Battle Net Tag – Azkadelya#11973

Xbox – Azkadelya Kira

Steam and Epic – Azkadelya

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