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Evil Mech Meru

26198056_1637882232936984_159758325751903471_oEvilMechMeru started gaming at a young age, so she’s no stranger to consoles or PC. While she cut her teeth on RPG’s and prides herself on her diverse (and extensive!) gaming collection- she can’t deny her passion for the good old point and click adventure— the weirder the better! And her gaming prowess isn’t limited to behind the black mirror, she’s also an avid tabletop lover and can boast an impressive array of tabletop games. With great gaming, comes great responsibility. She is the founder and head of the Floorcon community, which has gone from a twitter joke to a Minecraft EMPIRE (seriously. You should check it out.) And still finds time to be heavily involved in several other communities as well; spreading love, camaraderie, and friendship all over is her superpower. And attracting cats, but we’ll get to that… If all THAT wasn’t enough- she is also an award-winning cosplayer, with a penchant for steampunk and fabrication. Head to her Facebook page to check out some of her designs! She likes long walks through convention halls, adventuring with her friends irl, petting cats- whether they belong to her or not, and is a volunteer at not one but two local animal shelters. #HufflepuffPride

Where you can find Meru on the interwebs!
Twitter: @EvilMechMeru
Snapchat: Meruface
XboxLive: EvilMechMeru
Steam: EvilMechMeru

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