Iris the Keyblade Master

Iris the Keyblade Master


Hi everyone, I’m Iris the Keyblade Master! I stream for Real Women of Gaming on Tuesday nights and write the occasional article too.

My interests lie primarily with video games, though I have enjoyed participating in Dungeons & Dragons campaigns as well. I started with the Nintendo 64 and computer games, i.e. the Nancy Drew PC series, and my current systems are the PS4 and the Switch. You will find that I spend most of my time talking about Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy, or Ace Attorney- though I swear I play other games too, lol. When it comes to gaming, I’m drawn to the story and the characters. Gameplay is important, but I’m more interested in finding out what happens to the characters than getting 100% completion.

You can find me on Twitter, although I don’t tweet much nowadays because I’ve been taking a step back from social media. Happy Gaming!

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