Iris The Keyblade Master

Hi, I’m Iris the Keyblade Master!  As my username indicates, I’m a big fan of Kingdom Hearts and I blame the series for my current love of video games.  Although I did enjoy video games as a kid, I mostly watched my brother and friends play and told myself that I’d never be as good.  Then someone recommended trying out Kingdom Hearts since I’m such a big Disney fan, and things took off from there.
Other series that I enjoy playing include: the Legend of Zelda games, Ace Attorney, Final Fantasy, and Bioshock.  For me, it’s always less about the gameplay- although that’s obviously important- and more about the story and music.  If I’m not invested in the story, it’s harder for me to stay invested in the game at all.
When I’m not playing games, I’m working at two public libraries, which are the perfect places for me to share my love of reading and gaming!  (That might sound hard to believe, but we have games too!  Really!)  I also enjoy writing and have two blogs that I update occasionally: Of Mice and Magic(Disney) and The Adaptation Station (reviewing movies/shows/games that adapt something else).
I’m so glad to be a part of Real Women of Gaming and I’m looking forward to discussing my favorite (and least favorite) games with you guys!
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