JenngaD is a whirlwind of energy wrapped in a layer of sass. Over the years she’s been a teacher, preacher, social justice advocate, and author but always an avid nerd. She’s gone from playing N64 on her living room floor to running board game groups with friends (pre-global panini of course). With encouragement from the online TTRPG community, she’s even begun to found her voice as a Dungeon Master in her home Call of the Netherdeep game. In addition to RWoG, Jennga plays tiefling bard Lunaria in DannyHurt1’s Descent into Avernus livestream and makes forays around boardgame/TTRPG twitter.

As of late, she’s dedicated herself to building her freelancing career as an editor and copywriter. Her portfolio includes children’s books, school plays, marketing content, the hold message for a retro gaming store. Recently, she even made her very first debut as a board game editor for Gilded Skull’s DARK VENTURE expansions

You can connect with JenngaD on Twitter and check out her portfolio on Upwork Links below

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