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I am KinkedNitemare. My first console ever was an Atari and I would kick Donkey Kong’s ass all over the place! I love console gaming Gears, Halo, Borderlands and various others, but have since moved on to pc as well. Zombie games are a love as well from the left 4 dead games to the walking dead. I also like trying unknowns which is how I found Earth defense force. I love FPS and am currently obsessed with survival horror games like dead by daylight. I started my computer gaming career with a game called 10six very massive very simple, looking back on it people were way intense in that game, moved on to everquest and then wow. I am now searching for a new MMO. I don’t table top, but I do role play on line. I also love horror games. Condemned, Outlast, Alien, Doom…indie games like Gone home, Kraven Manor and No More Room in Hell. I am a twitch variety streamer and that has been one of the best experiences for me so far and I have played games I wouldn’t have normally play because of it. I currently stream for real women of gaming on tuesday nights either with other women, or playing female protagonist games. The name of my segment is Not Just T’n’A.

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I think that is all I have for now!

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