Vinni the Troll

Vinni the Troll

Zombie Master, Content Creator & Resident Troll (he/him)

Hey folks, Vinni the Troll here.

I’ve been playing board games since the late 70s at my Mother’s knee.

Early 80s I got my first console, an Atari 2600, and had to contend with my Mom who also loved games. Late 80s I got into D&D and haven’t looked back. I love being a Dungeon Master as my players get to finish the many story hooks my wild imagination comes up with.

I currently run a weekly survival horror game (Malhaven) online for RWoG.

I also help with the numerous one-shots we here at RWoG come up with to entertain our fans.

What I do in RWoG
  • Charity Event Staff
  • Resident Troll

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