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Lords, ladies, lads, and lassies, I am Max Urso with Real Women of Gaming. I’m also Vinni Tuturice, father of two, husband to a kickass woman, and I’m an old head gamer.

I was born and raised in Norristown, PA, and have lived close to the area my entire life.  My Dad bought us our first console, an Atari 2600. Pac-man and Combat were my first games, and my wireless remote used a 9 volt battery and a long rubber antennae.Vinni Profile.png

Since the old Atari I’ve gone through many versions of the PlayStation, Nintendo, and
Xbox consoles and a few PCs. Currently my video games are limited to PC and fueled by my addiction to Steam and it’s seasonal sales. I prefer turn-based or Role-playing games, and pretty much anything with an element of character creation.

In 1985 I started playing AD&D and in the 30+ years since then I’ve tried every sci-fi/superhero/fantasy/western/horror tabletop RPG that came into view. I love playing, and creating new characters but I also love to GM as creating new worlds and plots is even more fun.

I write short stories in my spare time, but I’ve nothing published beyond my articles for RWoG.

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