Hi! I’m Li….it’s pronounced like Lee but looks cooler. You can call me Li, snap, oh snap, snaps, or whatever floats your boat really…I’ll answer to pretty much anything. I’m a native of the Midwest (Chicago born, Ohio raised) but currently living in and repping Brooklyn, NY. Before moving to NY I lived in the bayou so I will rep Louisiana like it’s home as well (geaux tigers). My taste in music is all over the place but I’m currently indulging in k-pop, don’t speak Korean but love the tunes (BTSARMY). I’ve been a content creator for going on two years and I’m still a pleb at gaming. #yolonoshame When it comes to things you should know about me, I’m a salty game player but always willing to play with others, wine and water are the two liquids I drink most (and yes, I intentionally listed wine first), reality tv is my guilty pleasure, and The Sims 3 is my favorite version of The Sims.

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