Oresan Fells

20180315_091926Hello there adventurers, ruffians, and explorers! My name is Allen, a.k.a Oresan Fells, and I will be your dungeon master on this perilous quest. Here there be dragons and dangerous traps… This is what I do, Game Master things. It’s something I’ve done for most of my life and I LOVE doing it. I currently run two games a week and a monthly (every second Saturday) event that I stream on RWOG’s twitch and mixer channel as well as playing in our flagship streamed roleplaying event, L.O.S.T. (every first Saturday). I also write articles about Game Mastering with a focus on 5th edition Dungeons and Dragons which are published the last Wednesday of every month.

I am a person who wears many hats. From PC and console gaming, to hundreds of tabletop RPGs, to sports of all kinds. I’m an aspiring home chef who takes pride in his kitchen tools. A jack of all trades. Though I have not been a full-fledged member of RWOG I have been helping out behind the scenes for quite a while. You may have even seen my pretty face on some of our livestream charity events trying to troubleshoot some of our streaming issues… Such fun! …

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