Founding Member (He/They)

Heya! I’m Vaughn. I’m a founding member of Real Women of Gaming as well as a streamer and writer.

I was born in northwest Ohio in 1990, then moved to southeastern Pennsylvania with my family when I was 15 years old. I started gaming when I was a young child, starting with the early Final Fantasy games. Chrono Trigger was the first game I ever beat. When I was 24, I moved to Los Angeles, California. Here is where I started streaming for Real Women of Gaming and became Business manager and editor-in-chief for, in 2015. I moved back to Pennsylvania in 2016 and started streaming to my own channel in 2017.

In 2019, I became a twitch affiliate.

In 2020, I survived an ischemic stroke, which paralyzed the left side of my body. Ever since, I’ve been attempting to navigate the world of gaming with only one working hand and 50% of my vision. 

In 2022, I came out as a transgender man.

Today, I am still recovering from the stroke and doing what I can for Real Women of Gaming. I focus on reviewing disability accessibility in video games, and accessible gaming equipment as I find it. 

If you want to see what I’m all about, I stream on Fridays at 2pm EST on the RWoG Twitch channel. I also DM for a D&D 5e Twitch show, A Court Apart, on the second Saturday of every month.

What I do for RWoG
  • Storyteller for A Court Apart
  • Writer
  • Streamer
  • Recites Vines
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