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Feature Friday

Feature Friday

Gaia Cosplay

Calling all female cosplayers! Real Women of Gaming is looking for female cosplayers to feature on our page! Every Friday we will choose one cosplayer to feature with links to their page(s)! At the end of the year one cosplayer from our features will be crowned the RWoG Top Cosplayer of 2014! Here are the rules:

1. The cosplayer and/or character must be female. However, if you are a male cosplaying a male character, we WILL accept photos and post them, but you will not be eligible for our Feature Friday posts nor will we share links to your page(s). Credit will always be given to the cosplayer, whatever the case.

2. The cosplay must be game-related. It may be a video game, board game, card game, tabletop roleplaying game, etc. It just needs to be from a game.

3. Entries must be sent via message to our facebook page by Wednesday to be considered for that week.. Cosplayers not chosen for the week they submitted may be chosen for a different week. We will message you when/if we feature you.

And finally, an optional rule: we would really appreciate our page being shared in return, but it’s not strictly necessary to be considered for a feature.

Submission Guidlines

In your entry please include:

– A  link to your cosplay page(s) and a picture, if desired. If you do not include a picture, we will choose one from your page.

– The name of the character and the source material.

– The name of the photographer and a link to their page, if possible. We like to give credit to these hardworking individuals who make us look so great!

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