New Seattle Rifts


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Dungeon Master………….….. Oresan

Lorelai Cole…….. Crymson Pleasure

Amon El Sayed……….. Veloz Muerte

Vivian Brooks…… ColdShoulderAve

Eddie Fringe………… Vinni the Troll


The story so far….

2008, September 22nd. During the annual festival on the St. Kona Pier in New Seattle, a mysterious light flashed in the sky. Nearly 3000 people disappeared from the grounds in an instant. From then on the city changed Everything changed. At ever turn it fought me; every piece of evidence, a crumb leading to another trail. The city, it seemed to change to hide the truth. It’s difficult to explain…

2018, August 19. Down the Rabbit Hole I go. I opened the files on a few despots running rampant through the city. Lorelai Cole, a tattoo artist owning Kasai Irezumi Tattoo Parlor in the South Side. near old town. She’s got a tough as nails attitude and fiery temper. What’s the phrase? “You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry.”? Seems fitting here. Following her path lead to countless fires, broken bones, and charred corpses.

Aman El-sayed, the wish maker. Literally, he works for the Make a Wish foundation. I don’t fully understand his involvement. He’s peculiar. Those I’ve spoken to seems to regard him thoughtfully as a man that knew exactly what to say and exactly what they wanted. A wish maker in conversation as well as in title.

Eddie Fringe, the street rat. You wouldn’t expect it, but this teenager has a rap sheet a mile long. Him and his band of misfits orphans staying over at the Finnegan house, run a pretty tight knit thievery ring. I suspect at the behest of the Patriarch and Matriarch, the Finnegans themselves. More than just a street rat? Everywhere he goes, the world seems darker, and I swear every image we have of him, there’s a shadow looking back at us.

Vivian Brooks, the Investigative reporter. Death seems to follow her. Everywhere she goes, people tend to die.

Including her? Seems as though we’ve found her blood at the scenes of numerous crimes. Enough to ensure her death. Yet, here she is, alive and well. If rubbing people the wrong way to get them to say something they shouldn’t was an art form, she’d be Picasso.

2018, September 22nd. It’s been a trip. Following this motley crew through their onslaught has been challenging. From the first incident, the murder of a lowly electronics repair man, to the mess at the docks. The giant wolves those crazies had in their basement was one of my favorites. And finally now. They’ve apparently been working with one Chris Kringle (really? Who names their kid that) hitting up derelict buildings all throughout uptown. Funny thing each ones of these buildings surrounds the St. Kona Pier and it’s grand reopening today.
It’s early. Somethings up. I feel… thin? What’s happening?
1955, September 22nd. The grand opening of the St. Kona Pier. What a happy day this should be, and for the Commerce of New Seattle!


We hope that you tune in to see what comes next!


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