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You can now support Real Women of Gaming on Patreon! You already know we play lots of games, scope out conventions, run charity events and so much more. Bringing our content to you takes time and money, so we appreciate any little bit that you can give! If you are able and willing to support us financially, then here is a little information on what the money goes towards and what you can get for helping us achieve our dreams.

Currently, the money is going towards upgrading our equipment and purchasing items needed to bring you top quality content! Such items include an external camera microphone, a portable light, lapel microphones, etc. This will make it easier for us to do interviews at conventions and help out tremendously at our charity events.

Our current goal is to reach $50/month. Once we achieve this, we’ll reveal our next goal!

Level 1 – Common Loot

$2 or more per month

This level includes a special discord role and access to Patreon only giveaways in discord!

Level 2 – Uncommon Loot 

$5 or more per month

Tier 1 PLUS! – Name in credits and your name on our website!

Level 3 – Rare Loot

$10 or more per month

The previous tiers PLUS! – Pick a game for a streamer/Youtube Let’s Play (Approval required)

Level 4 – Epic Loot

$15 or more per month

The previous tiers PLUS! – Join a Streamer for a game or A YouTube game (Approval required) and a free t-shirt sent to you!

Level 5 – Legendary RPG Loot

$25 or more per month

The previous tiers PLUS! – You get to work with the DM (your pick) of one of our games & create game content with them (DM Must Approve) and access to closed One Shots put on by RWoG DMs.

As you can see, there are lots of perks and benefits to helping us achieve our goals! However, the biggest one that we haven’t mentioned: our eternal gratitude and an excited squeal! If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please go visit our Patreon today.

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