So you want to be a member of Real Women of Gaming? We are excited to have you a part of our ever-expanding family.

Right now we have a few job titles, so let’s see where you fit!

Writer: Our website pulls a lot of traffic because we post amazing content! Interviews, gaming reviews, news pieces, Top 10s and some op-eds. We post content several times a week and are always looking for more! We keep our focus on gaming and the nerd/geek community. If you want to join our staff as a writer, then please provide a writing sample and let us know what you’d be interested in writing about.

Streamer: Streaming is all the rage with the kids these days. We currently stream to both Twitch and Mixer in 2 to 4 hour “shifts.” Our goal is to have a full weekly schedule. If you are interested in streaming then point us to your current channel and ask us about the schedule!

Video Editor: We are always looking for video editors. We’re looking for an editor for let’s plays, interviews, event and convention shenanigans. YouTube is an important platform for us, but without a video editor we can’t get our videos up regularly and we are all about consistency.

Artist: With D&D streams, flyers, a website, video thumbnails, stream panels and social media accounts on most platforms, the need for artists is high. We have a need for all kinds of artists. If you’re interested in joining, show us your portfolio.

If you can think of a position that we don’t have available then please let us know. If you are local to South Eastern Pennsylvania, we also have public events that we always need staff for!

So here is some important information:

We mainly communicate on Discord. We have a channel just for members of Real Women of Gaming. We also have a secret group on Facebook. Please speak with Crymson or Vanri for access.

We operate on Eastern Standard Time, -5 GMT.

We have a meeting on the first Friday of every month at 9pm EST on Discord. It is greatly encouraged to attend, as it is filled with vital information. Everyone has a chance to speak to their ideas. We do publish notes after every meeting, just in case you can’t attend, but we’d rather everyone attend.

We are a family, but families don’t always get along and we understand that. However, if you have a problem with another member, you are encouraged to take it to Vanri. We DO NOT tolerate anything that isn’t respectful to one another. We even encourage that if someone posts an article you don’t agree with to write a rebuttal post. We love hearing both sides and so do our readers. As long as it’s done respectfully. If you have a problem, you HAVE to talk to us. We can’t read your mind, but we want to help and we want to maintain a happy and safe environment.

We do encourage everyone to sign up for Twitch and/or Mixer, if you haven’t already. Even if the only reason is to help moderate chats during large events (such as the yearly You’re Not Alone anti-bullying fundraiser). These are crazy events with a lot going on and it’s hard for the people at the events or the people streaming to see everything going on in both chats.

We are working towards diversity, safe spaces and shenanigans. We are here to talk as much as listen, inform & help when we can.  

We hope you have an amazing time being a part of our family.

Editorial Guidelines for Writers (Read Carefully)

Subject Matter: The site is about all things Gaming. Most of our article ideas come from Crymson Pleasure or VanriTheRogue, but we are always open to hearing from writers or other staff if they have original ideas to bring to us.

Publication Frequency: As an online entity, we are always publishing new content. Our content comes from our Content Writers and other staff who have taken on assignments during Monthly Meetings or in the Discord. At this time, there is one spotlight up for grabs each month:

  • 3rd Friday of Month – “Top 10 List” – rotating authors

If any staff member has an article idea or wants to review a game separate of the regular recurring articles, please post it in the #article-ideas chat channel in the RWoG Admins discord or bring it up at the monthly meeting.

Monthly Meetings: 1st Friday of every month on Discord at 9pm EST. Content Writers will receive assignments during Monthly Meetings. During this meeting, Content Writers will volunteer for the following month’s spotlight articles.

Spotlight articles have specific deadlines which will be provided at the meeting. All other articles will have a strict 30-day deadline unless otherwise specified.

Submitting and Editing: All submissions will go to VanriTheRogue. Vanri reserves the right to make changes in regards to typos, grammar mistakes and misspellings. If Vanri feels the article needs to be changed in any way, other than what is mentioned above, she will contact the Content Writer to either rewrite or approve changes prior to publication.

General Style Notes:

  • Game, Movie, TV show, Album titles are italicized and Capitalized
  • Episode names and song titles are written in “Quotation Marks”
  • Numbers one through nine are written out; 10 and up are written numerically
  • Longer articles should contain a “read more” link so as not to clutter the landing page

Administrative Aspects:

  • Choose 1 premade category and add 8-10 tags
  • Under the “sharing” tab on the right side of the editor, fill out “Customzie the Message” with a short message about the post and two (2) relevant hashtags
    • Ex. “.@VanriTheRogue (twitter handle) reviews MapleStory 2! #MapleStory2 #review”
  • You may provide images with your article; however, this is not required
    • Note: do not add a featured image, this will be removed
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