Thia the Bard

Thia the Bard


Heeeeeey chuckaboos! Thia the Bard here. My pronouns are she/her. I played cards, tabletop, and video games with my incredibly competitive family growing up. I read everything I could get my hands on and watched a ton of Science Fiction. In high school, I met some of my best friends with who I wrote stories. They really helped me to gain confidence and to hone my creative side. Later I was lucky enough to meet friends who would bring me into Real Women of Gaming which would become family.

I am a proud member of Real Women of Gaming where I have different roles including content writer, which I love to do. I tend to prefer to play tabletop games. I have been a player in some of our RGPS, including Malhaven, which we live stream Sundays on our Twitch channel. 

I have a degree in history. I love cooking, music, Reiki, and crocheting. In addition to content for Real Women of Gaming, I am also always working on personal writing projects.  I also love urban legends, science fiction, fantasy, and ghost stories.

Always keep sparkling!

-Thia the Bard

What I do in RWoG
  • Admin
  • Cast Member
  • Ko-Fi Manager
  • Morale Officer

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