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Hi there! Thia the Bard here. You may also hear me be called Bridget during our events. I grew up in a small town with my family who all love to play games. When not outside as a kid I played cards, tabletop and video games with my mom, cousins and younger brother. I dropped out of playing video games due to the feeling that I wasn’t good enough at them. Instead I started reading everything I could get my hands on and watching a ton of Science Fiction. In high school I met some of my best friends who I wrote stories with. They really helped me to gain confidence and to hone my creative side.

FB_IMG_1516918396540I prefer tabletop games but enjoy watching others play video games. I am currently playing two Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, including the L.O.S.T., which we live stream the first Saturday of every month.

I am a proud member of Real Women of Gaming where I have different roles including writing articles and working on our Tumblr. I also get to play games with my friends, which I think is one of the best parts.

I has a degree in history, work in a public garden and am a member of the Society for Creative Anarchism. I write in my “free time”, that is, instead of sleeping. I also love urban legends, science fiction, fantasy and ghost stories. I write a lot of reviews and am working on my own novel.

Here is where can you find my written work:

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Always keep sparkling! -Thia the Bard

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