Ten Facts About You’re Not Alone

We are getting closer and closer to You’re Not Alone! We have tons planned for the day. Here are ten facts about You’re Not Alone to help keep everyone excited.

  1. The charity that we are partnering with this year is amazing! Player Vs. Hunger is partnering with streamers to ensure food security. By working with them we will be able to help at-risk communities who are struggling. It is particularly important right now that we help these families with the uncertainty that has come with the pandemic. We are thrilled to be able to help Player Vs. Hunger with the goal to provide nutrition and security. 
  2. Looking for a place to keep up with all the updates? Well we have information going up on all of our socials. Our Twitter. Our website. There is even an online event on Facebook! Whichever is your favorite or you can check them all to be kept up to date with all the news for the vent. 
  3. If you want to help us monetarily but can’t make it that day? We have a way for you to contribute. Thankfully the tiltify is an easy way for everyone to donate. This will help to ensure that no child will go to bed hungry. 
  4. If you are feeling alone in your struggle with bullying before the event we have the video that debuted for the first ever You’re Not Alone on Youtube. This was one of the first ways we thought of to bring our community together. Please watch it anytime you feel alone. Hopefully it will help you to know that you are not and that there is a caring community for you here. 
  5. Speaking of, we have an amazing community in our Discord! So if you are feeling alone please join us. We make sure to have some different activities when we can for community nights. It is a great support system. We also just have a lot of fun. 
  6. The entire event will be virtual this year! Due to concerns with Covid we will not be hosting the event in the store this year. So we will have our amazing streamers playing games throughout the day. We will keep you notified with updates as we get closer. We will also have a Discord to hang out in just for the event!
  7. There will still be raffles throughout the day. There are some really great prizes this year. Be sure to watch the live stream so as not to miss the chance to win.
  8. Real Women of Gaming have been very lucky to have some great sponsors this year. This event could not happen without their generous support. There will be rooms in the Discord for the event where you will be able to learn more about our sponsors. 
  9. Incentives! We know what you really want to see, our pain. Some of our streamers will have different incentives with things they will eat as we reach different monetary goals. So donate when you can and hang out with our streamers throughout the day. They have some great surprises planned for you. 
  10. Every year this charity event has gotten bigger and better. We are so grateful to all of you for helping us to achieve that. We will need your help this year to continue to help others. There are so many wonderful people putting in time and effort to make this a success. We are very excited to continue to grow! 

This is going to be a great event! We are so proud for this new opportunity to raise money for a fantastic charity. See you in the Discord! 


You’re Not Alone Sponsor Spotlight: Equal Opportunity GeekCon

We at Real Women of Gaming are proud to celebrate the amazing sponsors of the You’re Not Alone Annual Fundraiser! Over the week leading up to the our 1 day event on September 26th, we will giving shout-outs to people who are our partners in this endeavor!

Equal Opportunity Geeks was created as a Facebook Page by a Wife/Husband/Daughter team for the sole purpose of having a safe and welcoming place for people of all ages, genders, races and ethnicities to come together to share our love of all things Geeky & Nerdy. In 2019, Equal Opportunity GeekCon was created as a gaming convention to raise money for the Utica Public Library’s Gaming Library and Phoenix Overdrive, the local chapter of Extra Life.

This year, due to the changes in the country that are affecting us all, EOGeekCon will be held online, both Facebook and Discord and will again be supporting Phoenix Overdrive and another charity to be named in November! Please contact them at eogeeks@gmail.com if you are interested in sponsoring this year’s Con. They hope to see you there!

Find Equal Opportunity Geeks at:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EOGeeks

Twitter: https://twitter.com/EOGeeks

Discord: https://discord.gg/zjwHZFT

The Ghost Bride: A Review

tgb Every culture has different beliefs in ghosts. These beliefs can be how to help them move on. How to keep them happy. Stories about these differences are always fascinating. Particularly when the story is as rich as this one.

The first thing to know about The Ghost Bride is that it started off as a novel. The book was published in 2013. The Ghost Bride came from the creative genius that is Yangsze Choo. With her well traveled childhood it is no surprise that she was able to weave such a tale. It is also not hard to believe that it was picked up by Netflix to become a stream able series. 

The Ghost Bride’s stream-able series was released in early 2020. Anwari Ashraf teamed up with Netflix to reinterpret the story for our small screens. The series is rich and storied.

Li Lan’s family is facing financial troubles, even though her father is trying to hide it. Her mother passed away when she was a small child. Despite all of this Li Lan is kind and mostly cheerful. Then she is given an invitation by a wealthy family friend and it comes with an interesting proposition. If Li Lan becomes a ghost bride to their recently deceased son, her family will be secure. Unsure if she even wants to be married at all, Li Lan is torn. These problems are only the tip of the iceberg as she begins to be called into the underworld and tries to uncover the mystery behind this young man’s death. 

The characters are fascinating. There are plenty of twists and turns throughout the series. The costumes are amazing, and show the mix of English colonialism with traditional fashion. The soundtrack is lovely. The set design and lighting add to all scenes, whether they be of a rich party or the creepy underworld. Some fans of the books do wish that the series would have been more faithful to the written text. However the story is well written and an interesting series to watch. 

It is, at its core, a great ghost story. It is a fun way to be introduced to a different genre of horror. Full of humor and heart I would highly recommend the series. The pacing of the series is perfect. One moment you may be laughing but you could just as quickly be jumping in your seat. In short, it is a great series for those who both love or are new to foreign horror. It is also a great compromise for a group who are split on horror since the story is so rich.



You’re Not Alone Sponsor Spotlight: Bulldog’s Got The Book

We at Real Women of Gaming are proud to celebrate the amazing sponsors of the You’re Not Alone Annual Fundraiser! Over the week leading up to the our 1 day event on September 26th, we will giving shout-outs to people who are our partners in this endeavor!

Join the Bulldog and his friend NoseDive as they discuss some of the classic storylines from Pro Wrestling history, and fantasy book how things could have (and in some cases SHOULD have) been done differently! It’s fantasy booking at its best here on the Bulldog’s Got the Book Wrestling podcast!!!

Created by Vincent Pontillo, Bulldog’s Got the Book recently released it’s 17 episode and can be found at https://bulldogbookerman.podbean.com/

You’re Not Alone Sponsor Spotlight: DnD Grandma

We at Real Women of Gaming are proud to celebrate the amazing sponsors of the You’re Not Alone Annual Fundraiser! Over the next week leading up to the our 1 day event on September 26th, we will giving shout-outs to people who are our partners in this endeavor!

The Family That Games Together is a family 5e Dungeons and Dragons actual play podcast starring The DnD Grandma, a 70-something Woman who loves DnD! Coming to the game later than most when she was invited to play by her son and daughter-in-law, she is now addicted to the dice rolling! The show currently has 90 episodes and can be found at: https://dndgrandma.podbean.com/

You’re Not Alone Sponsor Spotlight: The Bodhana Group

We at Real Women of Gaming are proud to celebrate the amazing sponsors of the You’re Not Alone Annual Fundraiser! Over the next week leading up to the our 1 day event on September 26th, we will giving shout-outs to people who are our partners in this endeavor!

The Bodhana Group advocates the use of tabletop games as a form of therapy, specifically in the area of play therapy. Board, card, dice, and role playing games all inherently provide the opportunity to build skills such as reading, writing, arithmetic, socialization, manual dexterity, deductive reasoning, etc. The list goes on. Role playing and storytelling games provide a nurturing and safe environment where people can work through trauma, anxiety, and other emotional issues.

​The founders had an idea for a fundraiser: A role playing game convention. That first Save Against Fear convention, with 35 people, they started hearing stories. Stories about how gaming had helped people. How role playing books inspired their interest to read as a child. How the character they created in the game had traits of the character they strive to be in life. How their game group had become the most important social group they had in their life. It was inspiring. So The Bodhana Group switched gears. They had found their path: Therapeutic Tabletop Gaming. They currently have four Master’s level therapists. one Master’s level licensed therapist, multiple teachers, administrators, and direct care professionals all volunteering their time to forward Bodhana.

​The Bodhana Group takes the massive library of games available and focuses on how to play these games with the intent of building skills, while keeping the fun factor. Traditionally, “therapeutic” games are often a bit too on point, focusing more on function over design. They began playing mainstream board games with teens to help during homework help groups. They were able to pick up concepts that they had been struggling with, such as applied math and resource management, and see them applied in a game. When they tried role playing games, they had kids who had refused to speak to each other and were even violent at times, now working together to keep their story going. That bonding continued into “real” life. They helped each other stay out of trouble so that one of them wouldn’t miss out on the next game session, their friendship growing.

You’re Not Alone Sponsor Spotlight: Comic Zen

We at Real Women of Gaming are proud to celebrate the amazing sponsors of the You’re Not Alone Annual Fundraiser! Over the next couple of weeks leading up to the our 1 day event, we will giving shout-outs to people who are our partners in this endeavor!

Comic Zen was our first and continues to be our most loyal sponsor! Started as a dream in the late 80’s and brought to life in 2016, Comic Zen is everything you want in a Friendly Local Comic Book Store. Located in Lansdale, PA, Comic Zen is a great little comic store. Tim is one of the nicest people you will meet and is always willing to help you find what you need. He is able to point you in the direction of things you didn’t even know you needed.

Through the Pandemic, Tim has worked to keep his dream alive and is currently running a modified schedule for in-store shopping, and offering curbside/local delivery/shipping. Message him for details! www.comiczenpa.com/

Deborah Chow: Female Creators in the Nerd Community

deborah chow It is a difficult job bringing worlds to life. Directors take the written word to give it structure and shape in a visual medium. They make the words a reality. 

Deborah Chow is a Canadian director. She is a screenwriter who has directed not only short films but also television. Her family immigrated to Canada and she grew up going to movies with her father. Her father’s love of films was a gift that he passed down to her. Naturally, Chow chose to study the art behind her passion when she grew up. 

After she got her undergrad in film making, Chow needed to make some decisions about what to do next, what would be the best choice to make that will get her closer to her goals. Chow decided to move to America to continue studying. In 2002, Chow’s first short film was completed. Daypass was not only directed by Chow but also written by her. This was followed  by the 2004 film called The Hill

Soon Chow is working on directing different episodes of television series. She also gained acclaim from directing the television movie version of The Flowers in the Attic in 2014. From there she has been able to work on episodes of projects that interested her more such as Mr. Robot

She has directed episodes of popular historical dramas. She has been able to show her love of the zombie genre through Fear the Walking Dead. Chow has also been able to work on series that have comic heroes as the main characters. Her most recent projects are gaining acclaim within the nerd community. Many fans are currently gushing about her amazing work on The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is a love letter to the Star Wars genre. It is a short series bright to life by a team of talented fans who work in the film industry. Chow brought her hard hitting style to the series. It is clear by fan response that the project has been a huge success. Chow is actually even going to be directing the highly anticipated series about Obi-Wan Kenobi. I can’t think of a person I would rather be a part of this project!

Deborah Chow is an amazing director who has taken her passion for both nerdy things and film to fuse them into entertainment. Chow is proof that you can do what you love no matter your race or gender. Her contributions to the nerd community are not only fun but also inspirational. 

The Force is clearly strong with this nerdy filmmaker and I hope you will check out her work. 

deb 2


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