Be Someone’s Superhero!

BSS began March 18th, 2016 raising money for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Years later we have raised thousands of dollars for different charities and even tho CHOP is close to our hearts but there are so many amazing charities that we want to help!

Be Someone’s Superhero is a reminder that it doesn’t take much to help someone else. By steps or by leaps you can help in ways you didn’t know. Volunteering, sending items that are requested by the charity, and money donations. Money donations are typically best, charities can get items at better prices for what they need more so than anyone one of us. Can only donate a small amount? Those small donations add up quickly and by the end of the day, we have met our goal!!!!

This year, 2021, we are raising money for Player vs Hunger, a charity that fights food insecurity for all ages. Many of our own staff have known food insecurity in the past and it continues to be a problem for children, adults, and the elderly, all across the country.

We are raising money via Tiltify, on February 26th from 11 am to 11 pm EST on Twitch. We will be doing a stream relay for those 12 hours. Streaming a game for two hours before handing it off to the next streamer.

11 am – 1 pm: Crymson, Thia, Cassie & Wicked w/ Phasmophobia
1 pm to 3 pm: Iris the Keyblade Master
3 pm to 5 pm: OhSnapItsLi
5 pm to 7 pm: SaltyHylain
7 pm to 9 pm: Kinked Nitemare
9 pm to 11 pm: RWoG Fam

We will have several incentives and giveaways to help us reach our goal of 1k! That includes steam game codes, eating gross things, and raffle items!

2022 Sponsors

1985 Games
Comic Zen
The Bodhana Group
Those Meddling Kids
The Lovelycraftians
Two Lazy Dogs Media
Learning the Law Podcast
Moonlitfractal Finery
Otter Geekdom
Vinni the Troll, Game Master for Hire
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