Top Ten LGBTQIA+ Authors

Top Ten LGBTQIA+ Authors: by @ThaitheBard
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Christmas Movies That You May Not Know are Christmas Movies

Christmas Movies That You May Not Know are Christmas Movies by Otter Limits

JenngaD’s Top 10 “Get Out and Vote” Among Us Stream Moments

“Among Us,” the game we have communaly turned to not for solace, but for catharsis. For many, it also offered an escape from the constant political news cycle that dominated our every earthly moment leading up to November. Knowing that traditional incentives would not be enough to encourage the next generation of Americans that theirContinue reading “JenngaD’s Top 10 “Get Out and Vote” Among Us Stream Moments”

Thia the Bard’s Top Ten Broadway Musicals

Musicals are very special to some people. They hold dreams and inspiration. A story told through the form of music and dance, who could ask for more? That being said Broadways has been problematic throughout its history. There are creators who are working hard to give fans more diverse stories and opportunities for actors whoContinue reading “Thia the Bard’s Top Ten Broadway Musicals”

Thia the Bard’s Top Ten Podcasts

Podcasts are huge right now. If you are unfamiliar with what a podcast is they are almost like the radio shows prior where the hosts produce content on whatever topic the podcast specializes in. For as many topics that podcasts cover there are just as many different podcasters. Whether you want advice, fitness, true crimeContinue reading “Thia the Bard’s Top Ten Podcasts”

Thia’s Top Paranormal Games You Shouldn’t Play

Games have been around for centuries. Most games help to sharpen skills. Almost all are fun. There are some that have evolved from other needs. These are games that you shouldn’t play, no matter what you are promised at the end.  So I am going to type the obligatory disclaimer before we go any further.Continue reading “Thia’s Top Paranormal Games You Shouldn’t Play”