Halloween Game Recommendations: Part One


Since it is the Halloween season we’ve rounded up some games to play for all your spooky needs. Here is what some of the admins had to offer!


When I was a kid I got my hands on a board game called Nightmare. It was one of the first of its kind, an interactive board game. Well, kind of. You see Nightmare was a VHS board game. Yes I’m talking video tapes. You put the tape in and started playing the game. The tape would provide atmosphere, creepy music and scenery and the Gate Keeper. A man would come on screen and scream instructions at you, mock you, play games with you. I loved every second of it. I always played as Elizabeth Batory but you had so many characters to play with. Apparently they had 3 expansions which I never got the chance to have. However years later Atmosphere came out, same thing but now it was on DVD. My copy of Atmosphere was stolen and I’m desperate to get another one. I do still have my copy of Nightmare but I lack a VCR lol.

-Crymson Pleasure



I haven’t played many horror games. Despite my parents both being horror movie fans and my mom loving gaming my dad was pretty strict about what we played. Horror was out. Knowing this you will be shocked to find out that one of the few horror “games” that I have played, and played the most of, was the Ouija Board Game. How on Earth did I get my hands on one? Well loving horror and ghosts I begged my mom for one, promising to always be the one to move it. I told her that I wanted one to scare my younger cousin and brother. Well my mom was all for that. So she bought me one as a gift that was given in front of the rest of the family so my dad couldn’t take it away (thanks mom!).

It is a simple game. On Amazon it is listed as a “high quality toy” for “children of all ages”. It comes with a game board, planchette and instructions. Basically you put the board down; everyone places at least one finger on the planchette and then it is time to get started. The game is meant to contact spirits for answers to questions and comes with a warning so I was ecstatic. Most of the time I did answer the questions because I made a promise and took it seriously. I also became very good at moving the planchette and coming up with wild stories for the “ghosts.” I owe a lot of my creativity to this game.

I have not played it for years. Being a little older I am a bit more leery of it now, even though a part of me thinks that is silly since it is sold next to little kid’s puzzles. All I know is that I never played it in my house and I gave it away to friends in college and haven’t touched one since.

I can’t explain why. I look on them fondly in the store. Sometimes I pick up the box and consider buying one. So if you haven’t maybe you should give it a go. Just be careful. You never know who you really might be talking to.

I guess it is only fitting to simply end this with:


-Thia the Bard

The Dream Machine:


The Dream Machine is a creepy atmospheric point and click puzzle adventure game with an amazing art style and interesting story. The game is done with clay and cardboard stop-motion animation. This medium is perfect for telling the unsettling story of Victor Neff and his odd new apartment building with a creepy landlord. With a story that came right out of the twilight zone, you unfold the mystery surrounding the unfamiliar place and see a peek into the world of the odd and private. The beautiful sets, soundtrack and story are so captivating the game warrants being played any time of the year but I think the creepy feeling can only be heightened while being played during the halloween season. However, I must point out the scariest thing! *le gasp* The entire game hasn’t been released yet. It is set to be six episodes in total but only five have been released so far. Still, there is a whole lot of story in the five out now. So play on!



That’s what we had to say…Do you agree/disagree with any of our choices? What would you recommend to play this Halloween season? Comment below! And don’t forget to check back later for some more Halloween recommendations.


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