Nicque Marina: Female Creators in the Nerd Community

nm2 Humor is a difficult thing to master. Jokes take time to refine even if you have a finger on the pulse of comedy. There are some people who put in the work and really nail the art of making others laugh. 

One such person is Nicque Marina. Nicque is also an amazing musician. Her skits from superheroes to anime and everything in between have her followers rolling with laughter. Nicque uses social media platforms as a way to launch her content. No matter which platform you prefer you can find her. However she is more than just a comedian. 

Nicque has been entertaining for years. While being a classically trained clarinet player she can also play the ukulele and the piano. She has a yellow belt-green stripe belt in Tae Kwon Do. Nicque has been acting since 2008. As if this wasn’t all impressive enough Nicque also was an officer in the Air Force. To say that she is well rounded would be an understatement. 

Music is a large part of Nicque’s life. She creates beautiful music. She has made lovely covers of anime songs with her piano. She does, of course, also make skits that involve music. Blending humor and music can be difficult but Nicque does it. It is clear that she has worked very hard to get to the level of talent that she has and that brings a depth to all of her content. 

Nicque is also a mental health advocate. She is very open about her own struggles with her mental health. She is a very positive voice within the community for those who might be struggling. She also has a series within her content that showcases different popular media that showcases mental illness in different ways. Nicque is courageous in her showing her good and bad days with her mental health. 

Overall she is a kind and bright creator. She takes her love of nerdy subjects and creates content for all of us to enjoy. Her covers are like the best kind of love letter to the nerdy things she enjoys. Her skits are so good that she even has voice actors cracking up over them. Her humor, understanding and honesty make her a breath of fresh air on social media. 


Check out Nicque’s socials here:



Please go give her a follow. I promise you won’t regret it. 




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