Soul Eater: An Anime Review

What is the worth of a soul? How far should one go to protect just a single soul? That is a large question that is ever in the background of the anime Soul Eater. A single thread runs through all the laughs and hijinks: the importance of protecting the human soul. 

Soul Eater first enticed fans through its run as a manga which started in 2004. The creator of the manga is Atsushi Ohkubo. Ohkubo was more interested in drawing than his general studies, which paid off given his current career. Through the popularity of the manga, Soul Eater was given a chance as an anime that premiered in 2008. It ran for two seasons and left fans wanting more. 

Maka is a weapons meister at an academy run by none other than Death himself. She and her fellow student’s duty is to learn, train and protect human souls. Along the way they have to fight beings with tainted souls that are trying to devour human souls to become more powerful. Maka and her weapon partner Soul have to defeat and devour 99 of these souls and then do the same to a witch to gain enough power to become the ultimate weapon for Death. Sounds easy right? Well there are plenty of obstacles in store for Maka and her friends. 

I really enjoyed season one of Soul Eater. I love the characters. I love that none of them are perfect, but they are all extremely entertaining. Yes there are trope characters, which there will always be in anime. Overall, the characters all get some time to explain themselves and to grow through the season. Speaking of tropes: there is something for everyone in this anime.

The animation is also something that I really enjoyed. It is a little different. Soul Eater is an anime that is dark, almost gothic at times, while still being very silly. That is reflected in the animation and the character designs. The music is just wonderful. They really didn’t need to give it such great music, but they did, and I am extremely grateful for it. The overall arc of the season was also well done; giving us a sense of the characters and setting up for the second season. 

I highly recommend Soul Eater. It is a great anime with a lot of humor. It is also a great anime to watch around the Halloween season as it is inherently spooky. 



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