Wayne Family Adventures: A Webtoon Review

Webtoons have become very popular in the last few years in America. These digital comics have any kind of story you could be looking for. Love stories, funny stories, sad stories, and everything in between. I became aware of Webtoons as different friends started to gush about their favorites. When researching a different article I finally found one that I knew I would be really excited to start. 

Batman has always been a favorite superhero of mine. He was one of my first superheroes. Batman first appeared in comics in 1939. Since then he has been going through many changes, as most superheroes do. This makes sense since comics are a form of art in which our society expresses itself. As society has evolved so has the world’s greatest detective. 

It makes sense that Batman would find his way into the world of Webtoons. The story that is being told might be surprising to some fans. Wayne Family Adventures: A Webtoon is just that, a webtoon about the family that Bruce Wayne has found over the years. There have been quite a few Robins, not to mention the Batgirls and the others who have fought at Batman’s side. Wayne Family Adventures depicts one of my favorite versions of Bruce Wayne through the years. He is compassionate, capable but also struggling between being a crime fighter and the father figure he wants to be. 

The story starts with Duke Thomas, one of the Batfam’s newer members, moving into the manor. The reader is introduced to the Batfam through his eyes as they appear in different chapters. This webtoon features the softer side of both Bruce Wayne and Batman. As I said before this is a man who is struggling with both aspects of his persona: those responsibilities and also his family. It also shows a chosen family of very different individuals who are working toward a similar goal, but who are still growing.

There are plenty of laughs though. From silly disguises, to pranks, to who gets to sit in the front seat of the Batmobile, fans have plenty to chuckle over. There are also sweet moments. Sad milestones like first love. Wayne Family Adventures seems to remember that while these are costumed crime fighters they are also often kids or early twenty-somethings. It is nice to see characters who have fallen by the wayside but who once had such an important place in the comics. 

I very highly recommend Wayne Family Adventures. It is a series with a lot of heart. A great read for Batman fans of all ages. 



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