Thia’s Top Anime from High School

It is fairly well known that I love anime. It has been a constant in my life for some time now. I love all kinds of anime and have even done a panel for us about it. Anime has always been a safe way for me to make friends. It also helped to cement friendships that I already had. Some of these friendships, and the anime love, have lasted since High School. Here are some anime that my nerdy friends and I used to watch and were obsessed with when we were teenagers. 

  1. Sailor Moon. This is the anime that started it all for me, technically I saw it before High School but we watched it all throughout. One of my best friends and I used to wake up at seven am, call each other, watch an episode and then fall back asleep during summer vacation. We loved this anime about an ordinary girl who finds a magic cat, becomes a magic girl and uses the power of friendship to save the universe. If you like girls who kick butt and a healthy dose of romance then this one’s for you. 
  2. Inuyasha. This was also a group favorite. How couldn’t it be though honestly? A teenage girl travels back and forth from the Feudal era to the present, helping a half demon collect sacred shards and to fight other demons. A snarky protagonist, supernatural elements and romance make this anime a great watch. 
  3. Mobile Suit Gundam Wing. Gundam Wing was truly THE obsession throughout school. A group of young men are mysterious pilots fighting in a war full of political intrigue. This anime is full of twists and some heavy themes about government and war. Add great animation, a phenomenal soundtrack, an amazing movie and some of my favorite manga in a spin off and you have a hit. I cannot recommend this one enough. It is probably my favorite anime.
  4. Trigun. This one was actually more of a niche anime for some of the group. I, however, loved this anime. A gunslinger who has sworn off killing and seems to get by with pure dumb luck will steal your heart in this anime. A great pick for fans of the wild west. 

  1. Magic Knight Rayearth. This anime is so important to so many people. It is a huge anime in the LGBTQIA+ community. Three school girls are transported to a magical land, get powers and some cool armor. If you like magic girls, then you will like this. Also a plus and excellent use of chibi characters. 
  2. Rurouni Kenshin. Truly a formative anime for my friends and I. We rushed home to watch it, meaning that sometimes my baffled grandfather also had to watch it. A former warrior is trying to put his past behind him, but what if the violence won’t stay away? How far will he go to protect those he is growing to care for? Everyone should watch this. 
  3. The Vision of Escaflowne. A truly gorgeous anime to watch. A young track star is transported into a different world where magic and machines are used in tandem for battles. Who can she trust? How will she be able to survive in this world? If you like watching epic battles with a bit of romance then this is a great anime for you. 
  4. Ronin Warriors. Ronin Warriors has magical boys! After a thousand years an evil has resurfaced to destroy the Earth. A group of young men with legendary armor must find a way to work together to defeat him and his minions before it is too late. Will they be able to put their strong personalities aside and find a way to fight together? This is a much older anime but it was being shown in reruns and we adored it. So if you are looking for a twist on the magical girl trope then look no further.

Well that was a great trip down memory lane. Is there a theme of magic girls, mech in battles or girls being sucked into other lands? Yes. Did these stories also highly influence me and my personal writing style? Again yes.

Most of these are older anime but I cannot sing their praises enough. They helped shape me into who I am today, and I still enjoy re-watching them. That being said, the animation is a bit older so just be warned. They are also examples of how far the animation has come, but when I was watching I was blown away at how advanced the art was in these. What are you waiting for, go enjoy some anime! Also let me know what some of your favorite anime are in the comments.

You can find more in depth reviews of these and other anime here



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