The Way of the Househusband: An Anime Review

Every now and then there are stories that really surprise you. At a casual first glance they may not appear to be what you would normally view. However, that second look can lead you to a wonderful experience. That is what happened to me with this anime. At first I didn’t understand why so many people loved it. I am thankful that I decided to give it a try because it really made me happy during a difficult time. 

The Way of the Househusband started off the way most anime do, as a manga series. Created by Kousuke Oono it was published in 2019, hitting the scene just in time to help people laugh their way through the start of Covid. The series found an audience who appreciated its humor and grew in popularity. In 2021 the anime gained even more attention and garnered a larger fanbase. I first became interested when my brother told me how much he loved it and when I saw how much the cosplay community was enjoying the characters. 

A former yakuza member known as the Immortal Dragon has made a change. Tatsu has given up his former life for marriage, and to be a househusband! His beloved wife works hard in her corporate job. Tatsu –and the family cat– make sure their home is perfect. Not an easy task, as he is often recognized by old enemies and the police who don’t believe he has given up his former life. So even though it isn’t easy being a househusband Tatsu continues to do his best and attack every situation head on. 

The animation style of this anime may be a little odd for some. It keeps a bit more of the stiffness of the printed page versus current animation styles. However, the work put into character design well makes up for it. The music is fun and fits this slice-of-life story. Also the family cat makes every story it is in. 

The characters are engaging. The viewer will want to learn more about them. I also found myself rooting for Tatsu as he navigates this new life outside of the violence of the yakuza. He took lessons from his old life and has been able to adapt them to help him succeed. 

I don’t always care for slice-of-life anime. They are a subgenre I am trying to appreciate more. This story, however, seemed like a great place to really try. It was. The humor was beyond what I had imagined. It was not as tragic as most slice of life anime are and made me feel very giggly and hopeful. I can see why so many people love this anime. 

Would I recommend The Way of the Househusband? Most assuredly. I really enjoyed this anime once I got used to the style and the humor. Please give it a try.



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