My Hero Academia Season 5: An Anime Review

There comes a moment in every anime where the viewer knows it is about to get serious. It is clear that every season has been leading to this. We stand at the precipice with the hero. Holding our breath. Just waiting for the next moment. 

Warning for mild spoilers below!

You could tell at the start of this season that the stakes were being raised. The world, and the class, are still reeling from the end of season four. Where do they go from there? How do heroes live up to that? How do these teenagers become that? 

Just as a refresher. In 2005, the first book in the My Hero Academia manga hit the shelves. Kohei Horikoshi, the creator, is no stranger to manga or striving to become your best. He has been gaining attention for his work for years, including short stories and a one shot in Shonen Jump. He created a world that readers gravitated toward. Clearly his hard work paid off because in 2016 his manga was given a new medium as an anime of the same title. 

Now, years later, loyal fans are still tuning in. Still reading the manga. Still taking to social media after each chapter. My Hero Academia has become an anime that fans recommend to new and experienced fans alike. It is a story that resonates throughout the world. Cosplayers challenge themselves to recreate their favorite characters. 

Horikoshi always leaves fans reeling with each new chapter. This creator seems to be challenging himself as well as his characters to push forward. A challenge they all achieve.

This season was amazing. Viewers finally got to see more of Class B, who I love. They had the privilege of watching Eri start to heal and grow. Then there is also the theme of healing in the larger story as Endeavor tries to make amends to his family. If the number one hero will ever be able to bring his family together and fix the fractures he created is still unknown for anime fans. The season ended with the students taking their place on a battlefield. All of their hard work leading them, and us, to this moment. 

If you are not caught up on the anime My Hero Academia I highly recommend that you do. First of all, this season was simply phenomenal. I don’t want to spoil too much. I will say that I thought it was really well done on all levels. Also the newest season will be premiering on October 1, 2022 and you don’t want to be left behind. 

I cannot wait to watch this season with the rest of you!

Until then,



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