My Hero Academia: An Anime Review From a Breather in Season Six

It is no secret that I love My Hero Academia. I have been writing about it for a few years now. I hope you aren’t sick of me devoting my anime reviews to it because I will be continuing to do so as long as they continue make new content. This article is a little different though. This is the first time I am writing an article partway through a season. 

In the world of My Hero Academia most of the population have some sort of meta ability that they call quirks.  The main protagonist of the story is a teenager named Izuku Midoriya. All Izuku has ever wanted is to be a hero. However, having been born quirkless, the odds of his dream coming true are impossible. Through a wild series of events Izuku has a chance to acquire a quirk and begin his journey to achieve his goals. 

That journey will be filled with many obstacles. It also brings him friends to help along the way. Izuku has a knack for helping people and seems to be on the fast track to be a great hero one day if he can learn to manage his quirk. What he and his fellow students do not know is just how far they will be pushed. Villains are coming out of the shadows and the stakes are about to get very high.

One of the strongest things about the storytelling for this anime is how the characters progress through the story. The reality of the horrors that come with a superpowered society are slowly revealed to us and the students we love. Events have been escalating in the last five seasons of the show. Now viewers are dealing with the war arc and all of the fallout from it. None of the characters, or the viewers, will ever be the same after season six is finished. 

I have seen fans saying that the creator, Kohei Horikoshi, woke up in 2020 and has chosen violence every day since. I thought they were joking. It was not a joke. This season has been brutal and beautiful all at once. I am not sure if I will ever recover from the dehydration from watching most of the season in one day. Finally I decided to take a break, get some water, and write about it. 

Without spoiling anything I will just say that this season is heart wrenching. The thing is Horikoshi has never made it seem like the society of My Hero Academia was ideal. From the first episode we see how Izuku is treated and the pedestal that heroes are placed on. That could never be self sustaining, nor should it be. However the ebb of hero society has been slow until season six. Suddenly we and the students are in a huge battle which has shown the worst of the society they are fighting for. 

This season has been a punch to the gut. I have been warned it is not going to get brighter any time soon. Still it is wonderfully written. The stakes are high because we, as fans, care. That is one of the best things a storyteller can accomplish. I would go in with tissues and some water. Maybe some friends if you can. Keep on being Plus Ultra friends and take care of yourself during this season.



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