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I’m Crymson Pleasure, Pirate Captain of RWoG. I am a Mom, Wife, Gamer, Mental Health Advocate, Vampire, Streamer, Lunatic & Writer. I’ve been gaming all of my life in some form or another. Trading card games, tabletop RPGs and a plethora of video games on tons of devices have made up some of the best parts of my life and introduced me to some amazing people. I love this culture we have, fandoms, gaming, geeking out over the littlest thing. It’s a wonderful place full of awkward people just like me.

I am so lucky to see we have grown from a Facebook page to streaming on multiple platforms, YouTube videos, articles, reviews, charity events, conventions and so much more. In my off time, when I’m not streaming or working on RWoG stuff. I hang out with my adorable daughter, amazing husband & wonderful best friend. I immerse myself in horror to help my writing, but also cause I love it. I play a lot of games and work just as much. At the end of the day, I just want to help people. If it’s through a charity event or just talking to people while I stream. So here is hoping I see you next time I stream!


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Blizzard – Crymson#1996

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