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Crymson Pleasure

I am one geeky woman filled with the knowledge of role playing systems and video games long forgotten. Also known as, Your Vampire Goddess. (There is even a drink named after me) I am the Head Goddess of Real Women of Gaming. I play video games, trading card games, board games, role playing games/table top games. I don’t even have an inner geek, I wear it loud and proud. I’m attached to several fandoms (Doctor Who; Sherlock; Supernatural; Harry Potter; Hunger Games; Firefly; Star Trek; Star Wars) And that doesn’t include my anime obsessions (Deathnote; Ouran High school Host Club; Black Butler; Bleach; Inuyasha; Blood+) to name a few, how much I am into Cosplay, Renaissance festivals, Tinker Bell, Tattoos (I have several), Goth/Steampunk anything.IMG_20160624_152951.jpg

I am Mother, Wife, Gamer, Nerd and I will impress you with my awkwardness!

You can find me:  (Basically just search for
CrymsonPleasure and if I’m on it you’ll find me)
Xbox Live – CrymsonPleasure
Steam – Crymson Pleasure
Facebook – Crymson Pleasure
Blizzard – Crymson#1996

Be sure to check out Crymson’s stream on Real Women of Gaming every Thursday @ 8 pm EST

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