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Feature Friday 7/4/14

Feature Friday 7    Feature Friday 7b

Happy 4th of July everybody! It’s time for another Feature Friday! Today we are featuring Past is Present Designs with her FABULOUS Elizabeth cosplay from Bioshock Infinite. That’s kind of patriotic, right? XD I’m posting two photos because the one where she’s opening the rift is so cool, but you can’t see the front! And she did such a good job on the details, I couldn’t leave it out! Photography by Joe J Mirenzi Photography. So head on over, give her a shout, cuz that’s what features are all about! ~Rinshi


Feature Friday 2/21/14

Feature Friday 2/21/14

This week we are featuring Studio Eingana with her Elizabeth costume from Bioshock Infinite! What did you all think of that game? While I don’t play many console games because of my motion sickness, I do enjoy studying and appreciating the art and character designs that go into them, and this is my favorite of Elizabeth’s outfits. Didn’t Eingana do such a great job with the costume? And I love the use of the scenery in this picture! Photo by Dancing Squirrel Photography. Head on over, give her a shout, ‘cuz that what features are all about!