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This Month in Gaming History: August

This Month in Gaming History: August


August is a such a magical month. It is crammed full of the end of summer fun before school starts when we are children. It can be a lot of activity and fun. It can also be bittersweet for many people. Like the memories of summer that we cherish let us look back on some games that have been released in history in this month.

Magnavox Odyssey


On August 21, 1969 Ralph Baer Filed for a US Patent. That patient described playing games on  television which would later lead to part of the Magnavox Odyssey. Magnavox Odyssey was the first home game console. The box pictured above would be plugged into a television. The screen would turn black with three white dots that behaved depending on the game play.

Tombs and Treasure


Tombs and Treasure was first released in Japan on August 3, 1988. Tombs and Treasure is a first-person puzzle solving game. At the start of the game, the player finds out that Professor Imes has gone missing with almost his whole team. The player then looks for clues to try to find the professor.

Ghouls ‘N Ghosts


Published by SEGA Enterprises, Ghouls ‘N Ghosts was released in Japan on August 3, 1989.It is an action platform game. The player controls a knight who must defeat undead creatures in order to bring back his beloved princess from the dead.

The Need for Speed


The Need For Speed was released for PlayStation on August 19, 1994. This game became very popular with multiple installments. It is a racing game where the player can choose different cars and tracks to race.



August 12, 2013 gave players a game called Hammerwatch on Steam. Hammerwatch features slash and hack gameplay. The player chooses from a class to play. The player then disposes of enemies throughout a castle.

So there are some games that have been released in days of August old. Hopefully something on this list has sparked a fond memory or will entice you to try a game that you haven’t played before.

This Month in Gaming History: May

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This Month in Gaming History: May


May is a great time of the year. Summer is just around the corner; school is about to end. There are plenty of opportunities to give games: graduation gifts and Mother’s Day gifts. Maybe that is why this month had so many games to choose from to write about. So without further ado, here are some games that have been released in May throughout history, including one of my favorites.

Magnavox Odyssey


The first video game console, called the Magnavox Odyssey, was demonstrated on May 24, 1972 and later released by Magnavox. This console started it all, folks. For so many of us, gaming consoles have just been a thing that we have always had. Some worked better then others, but were constantly there. Before this, a gamer would have to game in an arcade.


pac man

Pac-Man was released as an arcade game in Japan on May 22, 1980. I love Pac-Man. As previously written, I spent a lot of time playing Ms Pac-Man as a kid at our local pizza place. Most of the pizza places in the towns around me had at least one game. Pac-Man was usually one of them, if they had more than one. Thank goodness for these restaurants because, when I was growing up, to get go to a real arcade, we would have to travel almost an hour to the mall. Also, I need to give a shout out to my parents, who gave my brother and me our quarters to play this game that we both enjoyed so much.

The object is simple. Eat as much as you can and don’t let the ghosts catch you.
To be honest, I think these rules are still extremely applicable to my life.

Wolfenstein 3D


Wolfenstein 3D was released by id Software on May 5, 1992. This game started its life on the PC and then moved to other platforms of game play. It is a first-person shooter game. Gamers get to play an Allied spy who is trying to escape a Nazi prison called Castle Wolfenstein.



Ah, Bejeweled. Bejeweled was first released on May 30, 2001 by PopCap Games as an Internet browser-based game.Soon, it was released onto other platforms. The one which I think most of us have played is via mobile phone. So much time on the phone. This game is the starting point for other addictive games that we love, such as Candy Crush.

Mass Effect

mass effect

Mass Effect was released for the PC on May 28, 2008. It is a science fiction role playing third-person shooter game. In the first three installments of the game, the player plays Commander Shepard as he tries to save the galaxy from mechanical beings known as Reapers. Mass Effect is a highly acclaimed and popular set of games.

Diablo III


Speaking of insanely popular games, Diablo 3 was released for the PC and Mac on May 15, 2012. The player would pick a class, the number of which depending on whether or not the player has purchased the expansion pack, to defeat the Lord of Terror, Diablo. This third installment of the series broke all kinds of sales records, including how quickly it sold. This is not surprising, due to the game’s popularity over the years.

Whew. We have had some heavy hitters in May in the past. Here’s hoping for many more wonderful releases to come.