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Gaming Review 3/2/14


Co OpGaming is in a constant state of flux and change. One of the things that I hold dear is the fact that I can ride this wave of change and be introduced to new and interesting ideas. I get to see the upgrades, I experience the enhanced graphics, unbelievable story lines, voice acting, choose my own adventure artform that is a different rollercoaster for each player. Its like having a front row seat to play the main character in all the books you’ve ever read.

Actually that is exactly what it is.

However, I get to pull out my N64 and race my podracer; I can be a Dragoon on my SNES again; a Plumber on my NES; relive my adventures as Cloud on my Playstation. I can do all of that and none of it is abnormal for me (well, adjusting my eyes to the graphics takes a moment). I can replay a game just like I can read a book again, as if greeting an old friend.

To game you don’t have to have a starting point. You don’t have to start playing Monopoly to understand playing Lords of Waterdeep. You don’t have to play Dungeons and Dragons to play Cyberpunk or Deadlands. You don’t have to start at the 1st edition to play the 4th edition. You don’t have to play Legend of the Five Rings from the beginning to pick a Clan and join the fight. Hell, you don’t have to play the very first release of Munchkin to understand any of the 50 million additions of the game.

There is no starting point, no “start here.” no “go.” You find what you like and you jump in. You make friends as you go, share what you love, geek out. Learn lore, kill some aliens, fight the good fight. Live a million lives, be a part of a million stories, embrace things you never thought possible.

I love that I can chat with men and women, children and grandparents, people from other countries and walks of life, sexuality, religion, race, gender. None of those things (should) matter. My gamer friends are geeks, jocks, models, musicians, managers, students, corporate gears and retail hell survivors. They are all so different it’s amazing that we share this love that brings us together.

So lets review some togetherness.

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Can’t we all just game along


Get AlongSomething very interesting happened to me the other day and I want to share it with you now. As much as I don’t want to say ‘I hope you see the lesson here,’ I really kind of hope you do.

I play League of Legends.

I started playing League of Legends at the suggestions of some other page Admins and a few fans of the page. I won’t say I’ve never been into PVP (Player Vs Player) because I enjoy it to an extent and sometimes I get very carried away with it. I either stream curse words about the match or I am extremely quiet. If I’m grouped with people I will attempt to help them as best as I can. However that usually comes out as me screaming, ‘There is some F&^K WAD BEHIND YOU.’

I play a healer/support character in LoL (League of Legends). Now don’t give me that ‘girls make the best healers’ crap because, I swear to Sylvanas, I will come to your house and kick you in the nuts so hard that squirrels will cringe for your pain. As I was saying, I play a healer. Why? excellent question. I’ve always played warriors, scrappers; they wade in and beat the crap outta everything until it’s dead. One thing was brought to my attention. A little bit before WoW (World of Warcraft) a friend made a joke calling me Leeroy Jenkins* and I didn’t get it. My husband laughed because he did and I was informed that was an accurate description of my play style. Even after I learned what that name meant, I still did it. I was famous for running out of a battle screaming in Vent (Ventrilo) ‘Oh shit Oh shit Oh shit…..’ cause I was about to be owned. Even better were the times I forgot I was a squishy (easily killed character, i.e cloth wearer). I would be running away from something screaming ‘I am NOT a level 70 Warrior, I am NOT a level 70 Warrior’**. I always waded in, be damned everything else, and tried to take things out. Hell I STILL do it. I really don’t care either.

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