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RWoG Proudly Presents…….

Welcome to all of our adoring fans! We thank you all for your continued support and all of our new fans for joining us!

We are hoping that this blog will help us give you something more! This is only one of the many plans we have as we continue to expand. We’re hoping that this will give us more interaction with our fans! We are dying to hold contests and polls so we can get some actual responses. We want to present you with reviews, in depth articles and so much more! However, I don’t want to keep talking and spill the beans on anything we are working on privately to hopefully spring into action as our following grows.

Among all of this we are most interested in hearing from you. What would you like to see? Besides our awesome unique perspective and twisted sense of humor, we would like to know what more we can do for our awesome fans. We have our own ideas but please feel free to throw some suggestions at us!

Now please, sit back, relax and enjoy your new programming!

~Crymson Pleasure~