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Top 10 Steam games under $10 (Sort of…)

I’m what you’d call a patient gamer. I scour the depths of Steam looking for deals and hidden gems. Sometimes they pop out at you, sometimes they’re hidden. Either way you can have an amazing gaming experience on nearly any budget.

(Before I start a quick note on how I choose these games. Every single game I choose are games that I have personally played and can vouch for. I realize that there are many games out there under the $10 mark that could easily make this list. This is MY list. I did not include games that are Free OR under $5. I also looked for a plethora of games that could be enjoyed by various audiences and appeal to many types of gamers. That’s that. I hope you enjoy the list and please, feel free to let us know what you favorite $10 and under game is, and if there are any suggestions you may have.)


10. To the Moon. Originally released in 2011, “To the Moon” is a game that relies on its story. The game play itself is nothing to write home about, however, that’s not what this is about. I refuse to say too much in fear of giving anything away, but It’s all about the story. This tale is a ride full of emotion which leads to a cathartic experience. Fans of the Super Nintendo Console era will find the art style delightful. I highly recommend you give it a try.


9. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. Yeah, that’s right! I got a game originally released in 1992 on here. This point and click adventure game holds up like nothing I have ever seen. You get to play a brand new adventure with one of the most iconic movie heroes of all time. This pixelated adventure manages to capture the essence of Indiana Jones far better than anything else released after the original film. Even without the star aspect the game is solid and worth the play through.


8. The Elder Scrolls Online. This game retails for $19.99 … HOWEVER, it regularly goes on sale for $9.99. Yes, there is an expansion that costs $29.99. Yes, you can subscribe to the game for benefits. Yes, there are in game purchases you can make. The game, at its core, is a fantastic experience worth a look. Spending less than $10 on this experience is well worth the cost, and I would have ranked it higher if it were always on sale. If you see this on sale and are looking for an excellent and refined adventure that has come a long way since it’s Elder Scrolls Craft inception it originally was, give it a try. I promise it won’t disappoint.


7. Ikaruga. A Vertical Shooter that takes a standard concept and turns it on its head by including a mechanic that wants you to get hit… Vertical Shooters have been around since the beginning and have evolved into vibrant displays of reaction time and memorization. Ikaruga gives you that experience in a unique way while maintaining the difficulty associated with these types of games. Enjoy.


6. Orwell: Keeping an Eye on You. Big Brother is watching, and you are he… She… Whomever. A point and click adventure style game from the perspective of a Big Brother agent tasked with finding out the culprit behind a terrorist attack. This game skirts the line of right and wrong and gleams with air of caution. You are responsible for interpreting the data you discover and ultimately make the decision. Are you right to ruin this life? Are you 100% sure? You decisions matter.


5. Limbo. Limbo is a quick adventure game that gently mixes side scrolling puzzles with horror. I often find myself eerily quiet while playing. There’s a lot going on in the game and it thrusts you right into the middle of it without any real context. It’s the following period of discovery that the game represents that really sells this as one of my favorite little adventures of all time.


4. Fallout: New Vegas. This iteration of the Fallout saga is arguably the best. There are bugs, sure. There are also a ton of mods to help the game look and feel more realistic that also do their best to get rid of the bugs. Fallout: New Vegas delivers an excellent story that really plays well with the “What happens in Vegas” mantra. Well worth the hundreds of hours of game time you’ll enjoy.


3. Portal 1 and 2. If you haven’t played a portal game yet, stop what you’re doing and grab one up. You can often get both on sale for a combined cost of under $10. These games are polished. They have excellent game play, fun characters, and are iconic masterpieces. Do yourself a favor and pick these up!

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2. Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath. In which you play as a beastly bounty hunter that has sworn off guns and uses various critters and varmints to help him capture his prey. It has an amazing Dystopian Western feel combined with unique characters RPG elements. Stranger was a favorite of mine growing up (My bias is showing, I know) and could be yours as well. Check this gem out asap.


1. Undertale.  What a wondrous ball of perfection. I have a hard time even writing about it. Everything about this game is lovable. The soundtrack mixed with the visual style and complemented by the fantastic characters… It has so much going for it. Even if your not an RPG enthusiasts I highly recommend giving it a try. It’s won over many people that were turned off by the visuals. Why not you?

Top 10: Video Game Soundtracks to Get You Through the Work Day

Greetings! Rinshi here. I haven’t written an article in a looooong time, huh? Well, part of that has to do with the fact that I’ve started working full time in an office. I know, I know: “But Rinshi! You can’t become just another boring office drone, forced into a routine of soul-crushing drudgery!” Fear not, gentle readers, for I have no intention of going quietly into that good night. My geek flag is flying higher than ever. The background on my dual monitors is of a super star destroyer and accompanying tie fighters. Jamison “Junkrat” Fawkes (my dear trash husbando) watches over me from his framed print on my desk, as do figures of Beetlejuice, David Lo Pan, and The Riddler. Once a week I play Dungeons and Dragons with coworkers over lunch. Even in the office, my nerd soul is sustained. I know there are many others who are not so lucky.

The work itself is not terribly exciting, being only somewhat more interesting than pure data entry, and so to help me get through the day’s tasks I like to pop in my earbuds and stream music from good ol’ YouTube. I soon found that soundtracks from video games were a wonderful resource, being intended already to serve in the background while you focus on more important things. Thus, I present to you ten of these gems so that you too can take advantage of them should you also have to pass your Mondays through Fridays, 9-5, in a desk chair staring at one or more computer screens. Lose yourself in the soothing sounds of adventure, beauty, wonder, and even a bit of excitement from the worlds contained within our incredible hobby. I found it wasn’t terribly fair to give them specific rankings, as there really is no single “best” and it is better to take them all as a whole to be enjoyed and rotated through throughout the day, so they are presented in no particular order.

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Review: Undertale (2015)

Dev: tobyfox
Publisher: tobyfox
Platform: PC/Mac
Release Date: September 15, 2015


Undertale is a stylistic RPG that has been gaining a huge following since its release last year. It has been played and replayed by YouTubers and private gamers alike. Since I’m nearly finished with my YouTube Let’s Play series of Undertale, I thought I’d let you all know what I think of it.

What’s it about?
A long, long time ago, monsters and humans walked the earth together. A war broke out, which drove the monsters underground. You play as a young child who falls into this underground world and has to find his way home, but everything is not as it seems.

What do I think?
There are two ways you can travel through the ruins: pacifist and genocide. In the pacifist route, as can be ascertained by the title, you work your way through by refusing to fight the monsters who attack you. In the genocide route, as you may have guessed, you fight your way through the ruins, killing every single creature you can find. This idea alone is absolutely brilliant. You get to choose how your game play turns out, which is just mind blowing.

The game itself remembers your actions, which is phenomenal. If you play through the pacifist route and you end up dying or having to restart, the dialogue and the way monsters interact with you is different the second time around. For example, the first time you play, Toriel (a mother-figure that finds you after you fall down) calls to ask you what type of pie you prefer: cinnamon or butterscotch. If you choose one, but end up dying and going back to the save right before she calls, she guesses that you like the choice you already picked. If you play the pacifist route, then restart and play the genocide route, the characters will make references to your previous game play throughout the story.

The characters are funny and witty and absolutely entertaining. You can’t find a fan of Undertale who doesn’t love Sans and Papyrus. They’re just the best skeleton duo around. Toriel is beautiful and heartwarming. Flowey is creepy and cryptic, but hilarious at the same time. Undyne is badass and you just want to give Dr. Alphys a hug… I’ll stop before I spoil anything, I promise. The engaging and dynamic characters are what make the pacifist route so heartwarming and the genocide route so tragic. This the brilliance of the game, in my own opinion.

The last point I wanted to make was about the plot. The story of this game is well thought-out and captivating. I found myself wanting to learn more about this underground world and about the creatures who live in it. This is a game that I would gladly play a second or even third time since I feel so close to the characters. As I’m currently playing the pacifist route, I’m dreading actually going back and starting the genocide route, rather than just watching game play of it. I can guarantee my heart will break.

Do I recommend it?
What else can I say other than yes? This game is engaging, smart and fun. It’s one of a kind and deserves to be seen across the world.

You can buy Undertale on Steam here.

You can watch me play Undertale on YouTube here.