Feature Friday 6/27/2014

Feature Friday 6

Hey, it’s still technically Friday! How about a late night Feature?! Hot out of the RWoG Inbox it’s Brandy Beretta with Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil Franchise! I just love cosplay pics with dynamic poses! Sometimes it can be really difficult to come up with poses during a photo shoot. A good photographer helps too! Photography by Steven Edmonson. Head on over, give her a shout, cuz that’s what features are all about! ~Rinshi


Published by StarsAndSnows

Lindsay Wells is a writer currently working on two novel projects. She has a short story published with Zelmer Pulp in the anthology Trumpocalypse, a series of what-if worst case scenarios. Her story, Walled In, takes a look at a potential post apocalyptic future through the lens of Lovecraftian horror. Her novel projects include a fantasy adventure romance that takes winter myths and turns them on their ear, and a collaborative steampunk adventure project that she started with her husband for NaNoWriMo 2017.

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