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Feature Friday 6/27/2014

Feature Friday 6

Hey, it’s still technically Friday! How about a late night Feature?! Hot out of the RWoG Inbox it’s Brandy Beretta with Jill Valentine from the Resident Evil Franchise! I just love cosplay pics with dynamic poses! Sometimes it can be really difficult to come up with poses during a photo shoot. A good photographer helps too! Photography by Steven Edmonson. Head on over, give her a shout, cuz that’s what features are all about! ~Rinshi

About rinshicosplay

Hello! I'm Rinshi, and I'm a cosplayer, costumer, actor and all-around geek. I casually play video games, and prefer handheld titles like Pokemon and Bravely Default. I am much more into crazily intricate board games like Arkham Horror (and its many expansions), Lords of Waterdeep, and Relic, to name a few. I'm heavily into tabletop roleplaying games, both as GM and player, and enjoy a range of systems from classic D&D to BESM d20 to Deadlands to Call of Cthulhu. I also enjoy writing, and am published in the short story anthology Trumpocalypse as well as working on my first novel.

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