The Very Serious Question of Superpowers


It should not come as a shock to anyone that we here at Real Women of Gaming love Superheroes and Supervillains. We play games, talk comics, watch television shows and even cosplay as them. They inspire us. Sometimes we even play at being heroes in our own way, like when we stand up to bullying or team up with the super force that is Extra Life Charities.

In December 2015, we gamed to raise money for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) through Extra Life and far exceeded our goals, even if it was just so we would stop reminding our viewers that it was “for the children.” We were overwhelmed by the response.

Now, on April 9th, we will be joining Firelight Studios and  Sir Turtle Gaming to raise as much money as possible for the benefit of CHOP’s Art and Music Therapy Department. This time, it will be on a much larger scale. This marathon of gaming will be for twenty four hours, with multiple streamers and in multiple locations. If you want to know more information, it will be added to the end of this article.

Speaking of Superheroes, it got me thinking about what superpower I would want. I posed this question to the rest of the Real Women of Gaming. See our answers below:

“What superpower would you want and why?”

For me, this was actually a really difficult question. I have always wanted different powers depending on what I needed at the time. Two that have always been big for me would be the ability to control plants or super speed. I think right now I would have to say super speed. I have to get to work and missed the bus? No problem. No more spending money on gas or public transit… God, yes, no more public transit. Granted, that money would then have to be budgeted toward the increased amount of calories that I would need to intake. Also, I would probably be a lot healthier if I would have to think so much about what I was eating to keep myself functioning properly, so that would also be a plus. I never feel like I have enough time to accomplish what I need to do anymore. Super speed equals a super solution. I could help people in a blur. I could also really devote myself to crime efficiently if I choose to. Super speed sounds like the best power for what I need in my life right now. -Thia the Bard

Healing factor, I have too much to do and want to live as long as possible to get it done. -Trever Bierschbach

Shapeshifting. Hands down. Best cosplayer ever, best actor ever, best everything ever. Sitting in horrible traffic? Guess it’s time to BE A DRAGON AND FLY AWAY FROM THAT SHIT. Creepy dude hitting on you? How do you like me now that I’M A 250 LB PRO WRESTLER DUDE? Don’t have a huge budget for the monster in your horror flick? I THINK I GOT YA COVERED. -Rinshi

Telekinesis. Most versatile super power. Can fly. Shield. Throw objects. Explode people from inside out. -Vel

While having a super healing factor like Trevor mentioned would be the ideal, for me it is penultimate (like that 50 cent work there, do ya?) to flying. It’s simple. It’s easy. I can go where I wanna go. Escape from any place to another place. I think I would love to feel the wind as it whipped my hair back and forth, whipped my hair back and forth. -Chritter

Teleportation, definitely. I’m so tired of having to drive everywhere and wait in traffic and worry about parking (that’s LA for ya…). Not to mention the full days of travel when I want to visit anyone I love. It would save me so much time (and money). I’d also be able to travel anywhere I wanted as much as I wanted, which is, of course, the dream. -Vanri the Rogue

The ability to heal others, to take away pain, disease, sickness, mortal wounds or give life in extreme circumstances, even if the ability hurt me. ~Crymson Pleasure~

Pyrokinesis – w1ck3d0n3

I always wanted to be wolverine. As a kid he was my favorite as an adult he has come to life in movies and it’s been awesome. Though, if I have to pick just one super power, I guess I have to go with…being unable to die (immortality). There is a lot of potential good to be done there I think. -KinkedNitemare-

Does hibernation count? No? Well then, I would also have to choose teleportation. Fancy a gelato? Rome it is! Not to mention all of the potential to blink out of awkward social interactions. -Avenue

The Power Cosmic! The power used by Galactus and given to his heralds that can alter size, the transmutation of matter, the teleportation of objects across space, the creation of force fields and interdimensional portals, telepathy, telekinesis, universal cosmic awareness, the creation of life, resurrection, manipulating souls, memories and emotions, recreating dead worlds in every detail (including utterly convincing illusions of their entire populations), and energy projection. -Fluffy the Necromancer

The power of Omnilingualism, for sure (especially if that means I could also speak to animals). I could go anywhere in the world and understand and interpret any meaning. I already work at a company where all of my coworkers are multilingual, so it would really come in handy. I could be the ultimate Indiana Jones. -LaLuneVide

There you have it, folks. The super team that is Real Women of Gaming and only one of us mentioned any possibility of using our powers for evil… oh wait… that was me. Um, well, moving along… If you want more information about our awesome charity event or to donate, click here.

Be sure to tune in to Be Someone’s Superhero on April 9th, either in-store at Uncanny! Plymouth Meeting or online at

We hope to see you there!


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Lover of games, writer of articles and member of Real Women of Gaming. Thia the Bard has been writing from a young age and has always been a fan of the fantastic. She grew up playing video and board games. She loves trying different table top and role playing games. Thia is a proud geek and member of many fandoms. She is also interested in cosplay and Steampunk. Thia is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Time not spent gaming or running around in garb is usually spent writing. Always keep sparkling!

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