Jillian Venters: Female Creators in the Nerd Community

jv When one finds their community it is an incredibly happy time. Finally the people who “get” you. The right fashion or the music that speaks to who you want to be. The shared interests that make you squee with delight. It can also be overwhelming to find resources. That is where people like Jillian Venters come into play. The Lady of the Manners has dedicated herself to making her corner of the word not only a little nicer but also easier to navigate for those new to the dark crushed velvet world of Goths. 

Jillian Venters does not claim to have always been Goth, however she does claim to have always been attracted to the darker things. She was  lucky enough to have parents who understood instead of fearing her darker tastes. Her father was able to use this to encourage her to do well in school. This solid base of trust gave her the freedom to express herself and the comfort to discover who she was. That foundation is what Jillian has used to build upon. 

Being a new Goth can be difficult. There are many ways to identify as a Goth nowadays. There are also a lot of misconceptions about the culture and the people who live it. Seeing not only the in fighting but also the everyday difficulties Jillian started the Gothic Charm School. She wrote a lovely book about Gothic culture but also about being kind. 

The book is for everyone. For Goths who have been flashing their fangs for years, the new Goths who are figuring out their place in the night, their parents, their friends or those who are just looking for a good read. It also has lots of helpful tips. Ways to help make your wardrobe, which can be helpful for the Goth on a budget. It has a comprehensive history of the evolution of the Gothic subculture. She also has her website and has put videos on Youtube. There are tutorials and tips for all kinds of things. 

 “The Headmistress” has made sure to create a place for everyone. Kindness is the cornerstone of her teachings. All are welcome. All you need is to be open. No matter what your subculture is, that is a great lesson for all. 

You can also see more of Jillian’s content her Twitter and her Instagram.




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