Megan Lee: Female Creators in the Nerd Community

ML2 There are many different ways to be a creator. Some creators are even talented enough to work on multiple mediums. They are able to spread their passion to  different audiences because of their talent. 

One such creator is Megan Lee. Her career thus far has been, in a word, diverse. She has been in Kpop, acting, songwriting and now is a gamer on Twitch. Dispite being so accomplished Megan’s road thus far hasn’t been easy. 

At the tender age of ten Megan started to act in commercials. Her mother worked multiple jobs while still finding time to take Megan to auditions. Megan used Youtube to help her explore her talent in music. She has been both on The Voice and a Kpop Legend. Megan has also written songs for other big names in Kpop. She landed a big role in the hit television series Make It Pop which ran for two seasons. 

Very recently Megan posted a video on her Youtube channel about both her current mental health and vocal health struggles. Megan was diagnosed with nodules on her vocal codes. The more she would sing the more pain she would be in. Having to take a step back from singing took a toll on her mentally. However it has been an opportunity in which she has been able to share her love of gaming.  

Now she is using her media platforms to show off the fun she has gaming. Her open and cheerful disposition makes her steams a welcome space. Her overall excitement for games and anime are contagious. Really watching Megan is just fun. With so many dark corners of the internet her friendly approach to gaming is really necessary right now. 

Megan’s openness about her struggles with mental health are also important. She knows that she has the attention of many from her various platforms and she uses that for good. She could easily not share this information but instead has given fans the truth about how therapy is helping her through her struggles. She has been open about how the pain of her condition made music difficult but that she is now going to refocus on songwriting. It is important for people to see that a person can be struggling but finding different ways to explore what makes them happy. 

Megan let’s her geek flag fly. Whether it be dancing to gaming themes or just geeking out about games. She has given gamers permission to be silly. For a while it felt like gaming had to be serious, particularly for female gamers. Streamers like Megan remind us what games are for, to have fun and to connect to others. She reminds us to be openly excited about the nerdy or geeky things we love. That there are many ways to create and that you can always find a way to do so. If you want to follow Megan on her social media accounts click the links below:






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