Two Sentence Horror Stories: A Review

2 sentence People love stories. Telling stories is a thing that people have been doing for so long that it is a basic part of the human experience at this point. Usually stories bring us comfort. However some don’t. Some make us feel…other things.

Two Sentence Horror Stories is a television series that features stories. Originally these stories were collected digitally. They had been shared as a short way to chill the spines of readers. These stories went viral and were able to garner a lot of attention. Including that of television. 

In 2017 the stories evolved and the series was loosed for horror fans. Vera Miao is the creator  we can thank for this version of Two Sentence Horror Stories. The original stories were even used as a base for each episode of the show. 

There are all kinds of horror featured on the show. Each episode is also it’s own free standing episode. No need to watch all of them or in order. One episode is based on Asian horror. One has a Haitian theme. One has kids on bikes. All of the episodes are well written which can be tough for such a short episode. Then at the end the two sentences that inspired the episode are revealed. 

The show honestly feels more like mini movies then television. The music is different for different themes and episodes and it always fits so well. The cinematography is also very well done. The characters are well developed, again a feat for how short the episodes are. As a writer I am in awe of how well the stories are done. As a horror fan I am thrilled by the whole concept. I want more. 

It is obvious that I would highly recommend the series. Currently it can be watched on Netflix. The show is dangerous because of how easily it can be binged. This is a wonderful way to get someone into horror. It is also lovely for horror fans due to the many different kinds of horror featured. 

So what are you waiting for? Don’t tell me that you’re too scared. 




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