Deborah Chow: Female Creators in the Nerd Community

deborah chow It is a difficult job bringing worlds to life. Directors take the written word to give it structure and shape in a visual medium. They make the words a reality. 

Deborah Chow is a Canadian director. She is a screenwriter who has directed not only short films but also television. Her family immigrated to Canada and she grew up going to movies with her father. Her father’s love of films was a gift that he passed down to her. Naturally, Chow chose to study the art behind her passion when she grew up. 

After she got her undergrad in film making, Chow needed to make some decisions about what to do next, what would be the best choice to make that will get her closer to her goals. Chow decided to move to America to continue studying. In 2002, Chow’s first short film was completed. Daypass was not only directed by Chow but also written by her. This was followed  by the 2004 film called The Hill

Soon Chow is working on directing different episodes of television series. She also gained acclaim from directing the television movie version of The Flowers in the Attic in 2014. From there she has been able to work on episodes of projects that interested her more such as Mr. Robot

She has directed episodes of popular historical dramas. She has been able to show her love of the zombie genre through Fear the Walking Dead. Chow has also been able to work on series that have comic heroes as the main characters. Her most recent projects are gaining acclaim within the nerd community. Many fans are currently gushing about her amazing work on The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian is a love letter to the Star Wars genre. It is a short series bright to life by a team of talented fans who work in the film industry. Chow brought her hard hitting style to the series. It is clear by fan response that the project has been a huge success. Chow is actually even going to be directing the highly anticipated series about Obi-Wan Kenobi. I can’t think of a person I would rather be a part of this project!

Deborah Chow is an amazing director who has taken her passion for both nerdy things and film to fuse them into entertainment. Chow is proof that you can do what you love no matter your race or gender. Her contributions to the nerd community are not only fun but also inspirational. 

The Force is clearly strong with this nerdy filmmaker and I hope you will check out her work. 

deb 2


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