Deborah Chow: Female Creators in the Nerd Community

It is a difficult job bringing worlds to life. Directors take the written word to give it structure and shape in a visual medium. They make the words a reality.  Deborah Chow is a Canadian director. She is a screenwriter who has directed not only short films but also television. Her family immigrated to CanadaContinue reading “Deborah Chow: Female Creators in the Nerd Community”

Top Ten Ways to Engage with your Nerdy Child

Understanding your kids can be tough. Particularly if they have very different interests then you do. Fandoms can seem weird and perhaps even a bit scary to a person who is unfamiliar. They are also a lot of fun! For some of us these nerdy years will be the foundation of who we will become.Continue reading “Top Ten Ways to Engage with your Nerdy Child”


(Sung to the tune of Reading Rainbow) Bartender, I’m the guy I can drink ‘til the tavern’s dry Fill my cup Then it’s bottoms up Inebriated   I will drink anywhere In a Duergar cave, Or a Tiefling rave, Inebriated   I will drink anything Like a Goblin wine, Called the Sweat Bovine Inebriated (Inebriated)Continue reading “Inebriated”