Valentine’s Gifts for Geeks

Ever wonder what to get a geeky significant other? Want to know some gifts we’ve given or received for Valentine’s day? You’ve come to the right place! The Real Women of Gaming staff have come together to tell you what we want, have given or have gotten for Valentine’s Day! Look below to see more!


Ok, so years and years ago I got my husband one of those nice lightsabers you get on They didn’t have Yoda at the time, so I got him Luke Skywalker’s. It’s great. It lights up, has all the sounds and even reacts when you hit shit. I think it will also be great for Cosplay. I really want a Mace Windu purple light saber and I think that would make the best gift. I’ll also take Sith Red! ~Crymson Pleasure~

If I were in a relationship right now, the gift I would want to receive for Valentine’s Day would be a multiplayer horror game that I could play with my significant other. Banding together to take on a terrifying evil? That’s love. -Vanri the Rogue

I think a really cute idea for a Valentine’s Day gift is the card game Love Letter. It’s just a really solid game and can be played with only two players (though four is optimal). And, of course, it’s very in the spirit of Valentine’s Day. -Avenue

I think the best gift depends on the geek. The best geek gift I have gotten has actually been from two good friends of mine. They gave me an actual wand from Ollivander Wands at Platform 9 ¾ in England. Harry Potter changed my life and they bought me a fancy wand that I couldn’t afford to order let alone go pick up. It is probably my best geek gift of my life thus far. -Thia the Bard

I have neither bought nor received anything from them, but The PixelSmithy has some sweet accessories for that geeky lady in your life. -Rinshi

Honestly, my wife and I don’t do much for Valentines day, but one thing I did that I was pretty proud of in the past was hide Valentine’s Day cards around the house with clues on where to find the next one. The first card was being held in the paws of a red and white Valentine’s sock monkey waiting in my wife’s front seat when she got off work, and a rose on the dash board. The last card led to a small gift, but for the life of me I can’t remember what it was. -Trever Bierschbach

Ultra Force Lightsabers. Nothing says “I love you” like being able to duel each other. -Fluffy the Necromancer

For Valentine’s Day, my husband and I usually go out. Not to somewhere “romantic,” but to the movies. That is my favorite thing to do and experience. This year won’t disappoint with Deadpool and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies out this year. Yeah, we’re all about the romance. -KinkedNitemare-

This year, Valentine’s Day geek is coming in the form of Deadpool. That’s about all we do ever for V-Day. -Chritter


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Hey guys! I'm Vanri. Vanri the Rogue. I enjoy all types of games. I grew up with NES, SNES, N64, Playstation and a Virtual Boy in my house. I love RPGs mainly, but I will always be up for trying new games. My favorites include the Fable series, Final Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Betrayal at House on the Hill and so many more.

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