My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising: An Anime Review

What truly makes a hero? Is it how flashy their powers are, or how catchy of an ultimate move they have? Perhaps it is something deeper? Something inside them that pushes them to keep going. To do the everyday work to help the people around them, even if it is mundane. 

That is one concept that is explored in My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising

In this movie we follow the beloved characters created by Kohei Horikoshi on a whole new adventure. They have come so far from when the first manga hit the scene in 2005. While the main story continues to thrill readers and viewers it is always exciting to have a side story in a movie that can be seen on a big screen. 

With heroes in serious demand class 1-A is sent to a small Island where they will be acting as the heroes. No teachers, no commission and no adult heroes to answer to. Just the kids from 1-A. Everything seems to be going well in the beginning. The students are adjusting well to their new role. After all it is just a small island, it isn’t like it would be targeted by villains or anything. 

The animation for the movie is breathtaking. I am actually really angry that I missed the opportunity to see this is a theater. The work put into animating just the quirks is phenomenal. The background scenery is lovely to look at, which is nice since more of the show takes place in an urban setting. This movie really is just a treat to watch for the animation itself.

The story is interesting. The plot moved at a nice pace. One of my favorite parts is that all of the class got to shine. As Izuku Midoriya is the protagonist the audience is largely focusing on his story to become a great hero. That makes it so nice to see the rest of the class get some more time in the spotlight. It was interesting to see them be punished and really tested without any adult help. 

I would highly recommend this movie. However if you haven’t watched any of the anime series yet I would suggest watching that first. It will help you not only to understand the story but why you should care about these characters so much. The movie also has a truly lovely song featured. I hope you enjoy it and continue to be plus ultra!


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