The Covenant: A Review

Fascination about the witchcraft trials in America has led to many different tales about possible survivors in all forms of storytelling. Some are even about descendants of surviving witches themselves. Would they have powers? What would the parameters or rules of those powers be? These are the questions this film explores.  

The Covenant was released in 2006.  It follows the trend of teenagers with supernatural abilities. Directed by Renny Harlin The Covenant focuses on a group of teenage boys who have inherited magical powers from their ancestors. In order to survive the witch trials an agreement was made within the coven. Now their descendents are faced not only with the problems that come with being a teenager, but also the limits of their powers and a new threat to their very lives. 

Caleb has a life that looks perfect from the outside. His family has money, he is on the swim team, he has loyal best friends and the ability to use magic. He has no idea that this is all about to change. At the start of the school year everything seems to be the norm until he meets an amazing girl at a party and a possible new friend. Then he notices that someone powerful is casting spells without restraint. The main rule of their magic is that the more they use it the more it drains their life force, but magic can be addictive. If they use too much they could die before even reaching their twenties. 

Then things take an even more sinister turn as people start to get hurt. What if a standoff using magic is the only answer? Can Caleb find this magic user and stop them before it is too late? 

In terms of music and costuming, The Covenant is as if someone put the early 2000s in a time capsule. The costumes reflect the characters and the time in which the film was made. The soundtrack brings one back to the days of early Hot Topic stores. In short, they make sense for helping to define characters and scenes for that time, but a lot of it is dated by today’s standards. This is not a bad thing. The scenery is amazing. You can never go wrong by setting your story in an old prep school that looks a bit like a castle even though it is in New England. 

I know I have made some jokes, but I love The Covenant. Yes some of that is nostalgia. There is something special about a movie that takes tropes for magic girls and gives it to boys. I will also admit that The Covenant does feel like a fanfiction from 2006, but so long as you embrace that going in it is a fun film. Also it was the start for so many of the fantastic cast, including Marvel star Sebastian Stan, known for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, among other films. 

This movie holds a special place in the hearts of many elder millennials. The story is interesting and it has a neat concept of magic and it’s uses. So I would recommend giving it a shot. There can never be too many coming of age stories with magic if you ask me. 



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