Howl’s Moving Castle: A Book Review

There are some stories that bring the reader such comfort. They are the world one seeks when everything else is just a little too much. It may have a certain character that one relates too or finds strength in. Maybe it is the story itself. Perhaps it has something to do with the time it was read. Is it the friends that have been made through fandom? Whatever the reason, that story will always be there and will always be that story for the reader. 

Howl’s Moving Castle is that story for many people, myself included. Diana Wynne Jones is a phenomenal author who mostly wrote children’s, young adult and science fiction books. Jones was visiting a school one day and a young boy asked her to write a book called The Moving Castle. By 1986 Jones had indeed done just that, and Howl’s Moving Castle was published. The book has gone on to win not just awards but also the hearts of many readers throughout the years. 

Sophie Hatter was born with great misfortune, or at least that is what she has been led to believe. Sophie is the oldest of three daughters and her younger sisters are far more “accomplished” and “attractive” than herself. So Sophie stays behind to help in the family hat shop to lead what she expects to be a boring but stable life. That is until the Witch of the Waste walks into the shop one night, puts a curse on Sophie and changes everything. Now Sophie has to find a way to lift her curse. This leads her on an amazing adventure with a moving castle, a fire demon and the heartless wizard Howl. The more twisted the road gets the harder it becomes for Sophie to return to her old life, but then again maybe she shouldn’t.  

This is a wonderful book. There is a reason why so many readers have loved it. It is so beloved that Hayao Miyazaki even made a film version of it in 2004! 

I highly recommend reading Howl’s Moving Castle. If you are a fan of the movie there is a deeper and richer story in the book to discover. There are also two more books in the series, which I am eager to start. Jones created a rich world with fantastic characters. It has a little bit of everything for any reader. I hope you will give the book a shot.



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