Why TogetherCon means so much to me

TogetherCon2020 was the best thing of 2020. Created directly in response to the quarantine, TogetherCon provided us all a chance to socialize and have fun together from the safety of our homes. We had many amazing guests, Including The Nerd Asylum, Micha from Chasm Quest, ThePunHitWonder, Lawful Stupid, and Not Quite Heroes.

It was one of the most fun conventions I’ve been to, and that’s not just because I coordinated the event. We had two weeks to put it together, and it went off without a hitch. Sure, there were some problems, but it was our first convention – but it won’t be our last.

For our first convention ever, put together in just two weeks, we had an attendance of over 130 con-goers. Panels, workshops and TTRPG actual play live shows kept our guests and con-goers busy throughout the weekend.

TogetherCon2021 will be even better. More time to plan and loads of feedback from last year’s show has helped with planning the three-day discord convention. This year’s show will be April 23-25 from 10am-10pm EST.

TogetherCon is about Unity. Real Women of Gaming’s mission statement is “Promoting Inclusivity while celebrating diversity.” We use TogetherCon to do just that. we take “gaming, together” very seriously. There is room in gaming for everyone, and we want to create the spaces where that can happen safely. There is no room in gaming for hatred and bigotry. That’s why TogetherCon is so important to me.

We still have room for guests and vendors for TogetherCon 2021! If you are interested in joining this amazing effort to create a safe gaming space for everyone, you can apply at the respective links below. If you have any questions about being a guest or vendor, email realwomenofgaming@gmail.com

Guest application

Vendor application

We hope you join us for this year’s fun. I look forward to seeing you.


Published by Vanri The Rogue

Hey guys! I'm Vanri. Vanri the Rogue. I enjoy all types of games. I grew up with NES, SNES, N64, Playstation and a Virtual Boy in my house. I love RPGs mainly, but I will always be up for trying new games. My favorites include the Fable series, Final Fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, Betrayal at House on the Hill and so many more.

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