Togethercon 2021 update!

It has been a difficult year. It can be really alienating for some of us to not be physically close to other people. Now that we are in what should be con season it is even worse. To work hard on cosplay, on content or to just need to be amongst your fandom and then to not be able to go feels just awful. Well we have something fun planned for you. Yes year two of Togethercon is just around the corner! 

April 23rd-25th will be this year’s nerdy celebration. Three days? Oh yah we know that everyone just needs three days of fun together. From 10:00am to 10:00pm EST there will be a safe space for everyone to gather and celebrate what we love.

Togethercon will be totally virtual. We have a fantastic Discord for you to visit. There we will have all the fun that you look for in an in person convention! Panels with some special hosts. TTRPG Live shows, because why not watch the shenanigans live? There will also be a space for cosplayers. There you can show off your hard work with pictures. You can also gather and chat about cosplay and all that goes with it. 

Since it is a Real Women of Gaming convention there will also be scheduled games that you can join in! We have spaces where con goers can just chill out and chat. There will be other workshops, which were a big hit last year. 

Sound great? Want to know how you can get an invitation? Well that is super easy. The morning of April 23rd, we will post the Discord invite link to all of our social media, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Patreon, and our public Discord server. Then just click the link, read the rules and join us for the con! 

Because we opened up the con for three whole days we have one more great announcement. 

We have some spots open for panlists, workshops, live shows, video game streams and vendors! Yes we opened it up and have some spots. Click the links below before they are gone! We are so excited to have more opportunities for you to be as involved as you would like. 

Panel/Workshop/live show/video game stream guest signup

Vendor signup

More information to be announced so keep an eye out! Until then we cannot wait to hang out with you!



Published by thiathebard

Lover of games, writer of articles and member of Real Women of Gaming. Thia the Bard has been writing from a young age and has always been a fan of the fantastic. She grew up playing video and board games. She loves trying different table top and role playing games. Thia is a proud geek and member of many fandoms. She is also interested in cosplay and Steampunk. Thia is a member of the Society for Creative Anachronism. Time not spent gaming or running around in garb is usually spent writing. Always keep sparkling!

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