Movie Review: Moxie (2021)

Directed by: Amy Poehler
Based on the novel by: Jennifer Mathieu
Starring: Hadley Robinson, Lauren Tsai, Alycia Pascual-Pena

What’s it about?

A teenage girl (Robinson) is inspired by the new girl (Pascual-Pena) to stand up for Women everywhere by publishing an anonymous zine called Moxie. The zine calls out the misogyny and harassment that runs rampant in the school, and quickly gains popularity with the girls at the school, inspiring a full-fledged feminist revolution.

What did I think?

As a woman who fights for gender equality, I was predisposed to enjoy this movie. That being said, this is a sensitive topic. The subject matter could have been terribly handled. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case. With Amy Poehler in the director’s seat, it couldn’t be bad. Moxie was filled with humor while also conveying its message with respect.

The love story is absolutely adorable. The tensions within the story were believable and made me feel The Emotions. The acting was well done. The story makes you think. If I had been that creative in High school, I would have done the exact same thing. I kind of wish I could go back and do it now.

Do I recommend it?

Yes. it’s an inspirational, feel-good movie that has a good message. I give it 8/10 stars.


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