Good Omens: Series Review

Few people would think that the idea of Armageddon could be funny. There will be war. Terrifying horsemen with bad intent (even if it is just their job). Famine, pestilence, and death at every turn. And yet there is at least one version where humor key to the story.

It is difficult to think that there was ever a time that Sir Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman hadn’t collaborated on a book together. Good Omens: The Nice and Accurate Prophecies of Agnes Nutter started off as just that, a book written between two friends. In 1990 the book was released and would become beloved by fans. So beloved, in fact, that fans would wait for years for there to be an adaptation for the small screen. The year was 2019 and everyone was beyond excited for the premier of the tv mini series; Good Omens

The plan should have been fool proof. It was ineffable after all. A baby would be born, placed with a predominant political family and raised to become the antichrist he was meant to be. Somehow, though, it all ended up botched, possibly because of the nuns. Now an angel and a demon are trying to sort through a mess, the antichrist is lost, a witch is on the case, and a witchfinder is getting caught in the mess. Not to mention that the angel and the demon are trying to keep it hidden from both of their respective leaders. However, things are in motion and who knows what shenanigans will happen. 

The miniseries for Good Omens is amazing. I have been a fan since I was a teenager and I will tell you that it was worth the wait to be able to make this properly. The music is fantastic, not only for setting the mood but because Queen is in it. Yes Freddy’s voice plays in the background of a certain car just the way it should. The costumes are phenomenal. The work and love that was put into the wardrobe is clear in every scene. The cast itself is a chief’s kiss. 

The adaption of the story was also handled very well. Good Omens is a beautiful story full of different characters and narratives. It is a story that could have become very confusing quickly. Thankfully the writing team tackled it well and gave fans the story they have been waiting for. Overall the whole series is a wonderful romp. 

I cannot recommend this miniseries enough. If you are a fan of the book, watch it. If you have never read this book but love the authors, watch it. If you want a funny series with a great cast, watch it. Come to think of it, just watch it. 



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