Jupiter’s Legacy: A Review

Superheroes are always going to be fascinating. How do they get their powers? What do these super powered persons choose to do with those abilities? How do the world and the media react to them? All of these are part of what makes an interesting superhero story. What happens when a hero has been around for a long time? When their code and ideals start to be questioned by everyone around them?

The later is a big part of what is being explored in the streaming series Jupiter’s Legacy. The series is, not surprisingly, based off of a comic series that shares the same name. Created by Mark Miller and released in 2015. The comics are some fan favorites and very much done in the style that Miller is known for. In 2021 the comics were given the chance to be introduced to a new set of fans through the medium of a streaming service. 

It has been 90 years since the first generation of super heroes started to protect the world. Now there is a new generation poised to take over. However, the world is changing, and the old code is a source of contention for the group. The children of the world’s greatest heroes are feeling the pressure to fill the spots of their parents. Their parents are struggling with the weight of the decisions they have made. All while a larger plot is unfuring in the background. The world seems to be losing faith in heroes, and villains are becoming more brazen. 

The costuming is probably one of my favorite parts of this show. The story switches between the modern era and the end of the 1920s, giving the audience rich costumes to look at. The super hero costumes are interesting, while paying homage to the suits of classic heroes. The sets are also amazing. The work put into every set, and their contribution to each scene, is evident. 

The characters are mostly interesting. Or, perhaps it is more accurate to say that there is a lot of potential there. With only eight episodes in season one we have been left with many questions about all of the characters. The story itself seemed a bit messy at times. It can be difficult to jump between decades and to keep multiple storylines straight, and to keep an overall arc for only eight episodes. 

Overall I would say that season one was good. I am hoping for more in season two. I think the series has a lot of potential, though, particularly now that they have a foundation to build off of.



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