Cyberpunk 2077 and Triple A Games

125 hours. That is the amount of time I have spent playing Cyberpunk 2077, I guess you could say that I’m enjoying the game. Which is true… but I don’t love it. I haven’t beaten the story yet and I found some achievements that will keep me in the game forever. I enjoy aspects of the game but here it is, over six months from their December 9th, 2020 release date and there are still glitches. Am I expecting it to be perfect? No, of course not. I waited to buy the game until this year (2021) and I had a lot of friends saying they were angry at the game. Angry because the release was a disaster and the game was unplayable for some people. I was told it’s still unplayable on the PS5. Other friends are angry because things that were promised still haven’t be implemented in the game. I cannot give details, as I don’t pay to much attention to a game before it comes out –I hate being disappointed. At the point that I’m writing this, I’ve encountered serious glitches that had me looking up workarounds to figure out what I was doing. In my mind, that shouldn’t be the case.

Cyberpunk 2077

Glitches aside, I am going to throw down over my biggest issue with the game. The romances. They are a joke, let’s be real. After having played some games with amazing romances. *cough* Dragon Age *cough*. I expected a lot more. I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone so if you want the full experience stop reading here and move to the next paragraph. They are one scene per love interest. That’s it. If you say you are a couple, doesn’t matter. You’ll never hear from them again, probably. I have a female V and I romanced the cop. There was one flirtatious scene that lead into a (very well done) sex scene and that is it, friends. I had one conversation with him after and that’s all. No repeat sex either. Do you know how mad I was. You can call and ask him two things then there is nothing to say to each other after that. You can go the whole game without seeing them. Apparently they pop up in the ending, which is cool, but not was I was hoping for.

Cyberpunk 2077, Your Turret Friend

As for Triple A games. I had thought I stopped having any hope in them after Assassin’s Creed: Unity. Females are hard to animate, amiright? *eye roll*

I sit here finding myself disappointed by their lack of thought. I am also disappointed that they didn’t just push the game back further. Delays are fine if you give us a finished product, but do not rush out something that isn’t playable. That drops you down into the negative before you even get out of the gate. On top of that you are GOING TO LOSE MONEY. I understand pressure but damn, the proverbial pooch was certainly screwed at this launch.

719 hours –don’t judge me– is how much time I’ve put into 7 Days to Die. I was excited for this game the moment I saw it. I dropped $25 on 7 Days to Die and wore my love into it. It’s a indie game and it’s still in alpha. Does it have problems? Of course! Do the devs know about them? Yup, and they are working to fix them while adding in additional content. This game came out in 2013 and it still has a huge following.

7 Days to Die

598 hours. Stardew Valley, an indie game put out by one guy who keeps giving free content. This game was bought for me when it first came out in 2016 and is still only $15. The relationship subplots in Stardew Valley are among the many things that make it great. No matter who you pick it will be a better love story than Cyberpunk 2077. Yup, that is my new comparison.

Now maybe indie games don’t suffer the same deadlines that the major league games do, but at least I’m getting my money’s worth. Both indie games I would highly recommend for anyone to try. Cyberpunk 2077, not so much. Instead I would look for an alternative that would suit the player much better and it would probably be an indie game. Of course, I’m not saying you shouldn’t buy it if you are really looking forward to it, just be ready for a rushed game.

I also got my money back for Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines 2. I’ve got nothing nice to say about that dumpster fire.

Back 4 Blood, you’re more only hope!

What Triple A game was your biggest disappointment?


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